Harrogate Autocentre

Nick Hancock's Secret Sound

Nick is giving you the chance to win TAX FREE CASH!  All you need to do to win is play his secret sound at 7.15, 8.15.  To help you out we have put a list of some of the wrong guesses below to help you, and you can also listen to the sound over and over again.  Good luck!  

Secret Sound: 21/03/2016


Incorrect Guesses

A loft ladder

A ruler being twanged

A wooden water wheel

Table Fusball

Opening your front door and then taking your shoes off on laminate flooring

A side show at a circus

Golf balls going in the basket at the driving range

Donkey Derby


A kids helter skelter game

Eggs frying in a pan

Rolling a ball around in a box


An egg

Putting a new toilet roll on the holder

A tumble dryer

A snooker ball

Crazy Golf

The white ball in Pool

A wooden wind chime


A drum you hold in your hand and play with 2 beads

Kids banging on toy percussion set

A dishwasher tablet

Pinball machine

An empty wheelie bin

Bongo drums

Eco Ball (that you put in your washing machine)

A door opening

A barrel of beer

Table football

A pool ball on a pool table

Beadnall Copley