Win CASH with the secret sound David Charles

Win CASH by playing the Secret Sound!

Listen to Stray Fm every weekday as we give you the chance to win with the secret sound.  You need to identify what it is and then you can win the cash!!

What is the Secret Sound?

At 08:15am, 12:15 and 17:15, Monday to Friday, Nick, Alex and James will open the phone lines for your chance to have a guess. If you get it right, the cash is yours. Get it wrong, it rolls over to the next day for someone else to have a go!

All you need to do is call 01423 520 972 when the presenter opens up the lines.



The Wrong Guess List

The wrong guesses will be here so you can make sure that you don't repeat a guess.

Secret Sound: 04/06/2014


Incorrect Guesses

Putting something into a locker at the gym / swimming pool

Bread machine maker going round

Toilet paper being ripped from a roll in a toilet roll holder

Piercing film lid on a microwave meal

Wheelie case down some steps

A lever on a towel dispenser

Opening a bottle of mouth wash

Back of the TV control

Someone popping a lid off a paint pot

Popping bubble wrap

Plastic wrapping being opened

Lid being put onto a Tupperware box

Lid on instant coffee

A ball going through a hoop

A digi-padlock

Opening and closing a laptop

Opening/closing a window

flush the toilet and the ballcock system making a noise

Cd into a CD player

A tin opener

Stacking plastic tupperware boxes

The sound of a clim film dispenser as you pull out the film and cut it

Opening a pot of porridge

A bread bin

Pulling the tab off the top of a box of washing powder

Unfolding a child’s buggy

Dental floss

The sound of changing a toner or ink in a printer

Putting the lid back on a tube of toothpaste and putting the toothbrush away

Undo the petrol cap

Giant jenga game

Shuttle on a hand loom

Getting up in the morning + unlocking the back door

A Disposable nappy bin

Opening and closing washing machine door

Pulling the tabs on a box of washing powder

A Cat Flap

Punching the lid on a ready meal

The soap powder dispenser drawer on a washing machine

Opening and closing the lid on a bottle of washing up liquid

Banging pair of Wellington boots together

Lift a duvet and flap it making the bed to get the lumps out

Locking or unlocking a phone

Doing up laces on boots and then stamping on the floor

A loft hatch closing

A guitar flight case opening and closing

Plastic bottle being squeezed

A fridge door being opened and closed

Putting ingredients into a blender

Someone shaking a beach towel

A soldier standing to attention

opening a container of milk

venetian blind

opening the front door and locking afterwards

opening and closing a wardbrobe

Putting something into the glove compartment of your car

A briefcase with the clasps

Changing gears on a bike

Putting up or taking down an ironing board

Opening and closing a shower gel bottle

Locking/unlocking a door

Opening car window

Fruit machine’s reels slowing down and stopping

Playing air hockey

Opening a new jar of coffee

Tool box clamping the lid shut

a child lock

Water dripping in a bucket

Someone drumming their fingers on a hard surface

Opening and closing a shower door

A toilet roll dispenser having a new roll put in

Pop up plug hole in the bath (The twisty one)

A dustbin lid being unclamped, lifted up, then fastened back on

Someone plugging in a TV and switching it on

Water bottle lid off and back on again

Putting something back in the bathroom cabinet

Opening a lever arch file

Dropping an item into a swing bin + the lid moving back into place.

A coffee machine being loaded

Pull cord on a light switch

A coffee machine being loaded

Spreading butter on toast

The sound of someone potting a snooker or pool ball

Closing a microwave door and setting the timer

Spreading butter on toast

Someone flicking through the pages of a hardback book

Opening a cereal box

a toaster

chopping vegetables

Mop in a bucket

Vacuum cleaner cable

Vacuum cleaner cable

A hole punch

Putting the wheelie bin on the drive

Bed sheets clicking

Ringing out the washing before it goes in the dryer

Unlocking the child safety catch on a bottle

Snooze button on alarm clock

Car seats clicking back into place in seven seat car

Putting a tablet in the dishwasher

Turning the kettle on

Ignition on the cooker

Closing the washing machine door

Taking milk out the fridge

Bag-less vacuum being emptied

A briefcase being unlocked and opened

Tap dancing

Locking or unlocking a door

Salt and pepper grinders

Briefcase opening/closing

Soap draw in a washing machine

Cat flap

Nail Gun

Someone using a stapler

Guessed a turnstile

Padding a pillow

Someone clipping on some rollerblades/ice skates/snow boots

The lid on an electric kettle

Press Studs

Putting letters through the letterbox

Putting something in the microwave

Pedal bin swinging shut in the kitchen

A lock on a suitcase

Opening a suitcase

Closing a DVD case and popping it back onto the shelf

The small freezer door within a fridge

A dust cartridge on a bagless vacuum cleaner

A cat flap opening

The sound of a handle on a UPVC door clicking

Opening a cardboard cereal box lid

Popcorn in a microwave oven

Standing on an empty carton of milk in order to crush it

Deck of cards being split and shuffled

Clicking a lunch box shut

Getting hair conditioner out of a bottle

A kitchen waste bin

Automatic reeling plug on a hoover

Taking the plastic tab off the top of a carton of milk

Shower mat being pulled out of the bath

Coffee Perculator

Central locking system on a car

Opening a lunch box

Shoes on a wooden floor

A popcorn machine

Shutting a kettle lid and putting it back on the stand

Walking in a pair of wellies

A tub of butter

Opening and then closing a storage box

Suitcase combination lock

Tin being opened

Opening a tupperware box


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