Secret Sound

Nick Hancock's Secret Sound

Nick is giving you the chance to win £500 TAX FREE!  All you need to do to win is play his secret sound at 8.15am every weekday morning.  To help you out we have put a list of the guesses below to help you, and you can also listen to the sound over and over again.  Good luck!

Secret Sound: 16/06/2015


Incorrect Guesses

Squirting some bathroom cleaner onto a surface

Safety cap on bleach/detergent

Flicking a washing up bottle

The clicking of a ticket turnstile

Stapling paper with a stapler

Flicking a pack of cards

A ratchet clicking

Playing Pool or Snooker

Splashing aftershave lotion on your face after a shave

Clipping your toe nails with a toe nail clipper

A gas igniter

Playing ping pong

Feeling for a bedside light + switching it on / off

Tapping on your knees

Tapping on a chalk board with a piece of chalk


Smoothie Maker

Popcorn popping in a microwave

Opening a bottle of medicine


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