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Win CASH with the secret sound David Charles

Win CASH by playing the Secret Sound!

Listen to Stray Fm every weekday as we give you the chance to win with the secret sound.  You need to identify what it is and then you can win the cash!!

What is the Secret Sound?

At 08:15am, 12:15 and 17:15, Monday to Friday, Nick, Alex and James will open the phone lines for your chance to have a guess. If you get it right, the cash is yours. Get it wrong, it rolls over to the next day for someone else to have a go!

All you need to do is call 01423 520 972 when the presenter opens up the lines.



Win cash on the NEW secret sound

See all the wrong guesses below

Secret Sound: 07/10/2014


Incorrect Guesses

Winding down a car window

Windscreen wipers going on an iced up windscreen

The dial on an old-fashioned telephone!

Opening and closing patio doors

Squirting cream onto a scone/cake.

Trimming your bush

Pumping up a bicycle tyre using a pump

Opening a car boot

Doing up/Undoing a trouser zip

Opening a letter with a knife

Blood pressure monitor

Rinse and spit at a dentists

Taking fluff off your clothes

Opening a window in the car

Pumping air into a balloon

Sending an email from ipad

The pump action on a tube of toothpaste or shaving foam

Cutting a (hair) fringe

Changing a nappy

A knife cutting through a vegetable

Tying shoe laces

A lady having her legs waxed

A hoover stopping half way through sucking something up

Ripping a cheque out

Umbrella – the button pops up

Turning the page on an I-pad

A paper cutter/guillotine

Ripping a page out of a magazine

Opening an envelope with a pen knife

Somebody dribbling


A piece of paper being torn

A zip going up and/or down

Sharpening a carving knife

Somone sniffing

The electronic boot release on a car

Ripping off a plaster

Legs being waxed

Sharpening a knife on a sandstone

Nick Hancock Passing Wind

Winding down a car window

Slurping a drink

Someone with a nail file filing their nails

A stylus on a record

Someone rubbing their shoes on a mat

Windscreen Wipers

An automatic air freshener activating

Someone slipping on a wet floor

Cutting a piece of fruit



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