Harrogate Autocentre

Nick Hancock's Secret Sound

Nick is giving you the chance to win TAX FREE CASH!  All you need to do to win is play his secret sound at 8.15, 12.20, 3.20.  To help you out we have put a list of the wrong guesses below to help you, and you can also listen to the sound over and over again.  Good luck!

Secret Sound: 01/09/2015


Incorrect Guesses

Garden umbrella hand crank

Weed picker

Plastic box where shredded paper goes

Pully Dog Lead

Branch lopper

Tongues you use for your fire

Black and decker hedge trimmer

Hungry Hippos Game

Listening to an unborn babies heartbeat

Grandfather clock being wound

Extendible Arm Helper

Gobble and Go Kids Toy

a football rattle being spun around

On a bus when the money falls down in the spout from the ticket machine

Animal Head Grabber

Horse Drawn Tram

A Carpet Sweeper

Root puller

A hands free bin

Vending machine

Hand Stitcher

Attaching the bin to the bin lorry and dropping the rubbish

Dinosaur head grabber / snapper

Easy Picker

Pooper Scooper

A Spider Catcher

Robotic Hand That Kids Use

Skip Transporter

A Helping Hand

Litter picker

trundle wheel

Coins being dropped into a pub pool table, just before the balls are released

A toy train

A game of hungry hippos

A spinning top toy

Igniting a gas hob

A pepper mill/grinder

A dice shaker for a board game

The timer on a toaster

Calvin from The Castle Inn's wallet


The film on microwave food being pierced

A shop pricing gun

A PDQ Credit Card machine

A toy robot

Alfie Hancock playing Pound-A-Peg at home

A sewing machine

Electric card shuffler

A soap dispenser

A hole punch being used quickly

A plastic vegetable food chopper

Shaking a can of paint

Accountants Calculator

A computer mouse

A Rubiks Cube

A canal lock

Goggles in a box

Cheese Grater

Sewing Machine


Door knocker



Pricing gun


A drumming monkey

Countdown Clock

Horse racing

Clock timer

Countdown clock


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