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Win CASH with the secret sound David Charles Harrogate Autocentre

The Secret Sound Is Back!

WIN £500 at 7.15, 8.15, 12.15 and 5.15pm.

Check back here for a full list of answers as they are guessed.




Secret Sound: 09/01/2015


Incorrect Guesses

Someone counting money

A caterpillar munching on vegetation

Opening the freezer to get some ice

Opening a bottle of champagne

A band aid

Opening a freezer, taking out some ice cubes, and closing it again.

Squirrels with nuts

A log burning fire

Packing away a bbq

Eating an apple

Flicking through holiday brochures

Grouse in August flapping + trying to get away before being shot during the grouse shooting season

Nick folding paper to make a paper aeroplane

Lighting a bbq

Opening fire lighters

A desk fan blowing papers around

Preparing the water and ice for an ice bucket challenge

Flicking through the pages of a passport

Opening A level results

Pulling a sticker off a car windscreen

Unlocking the padlock on a suitcase

Nick’s holiday tickets arriving

Someone peeling the wrapper off an ice cream

An After Eight mint being unwrapped

Someone opening their GCSE results


Crackling leaves

Rolling a biro in your hand

Writing on paper on your hand

Putting sun tan lotion on your hands and rubbing it in

Lighting a BBQ

Wood crackling on a fire

Frying bacon


A rubik''s cube

Flicking through the pages of a book

Rubbing hands in front of crackling fire

Rubik's cube

Bank counting money

Paper being shredded

Opening an envelope

Printer printing paper out

Opening a Christmas present

Opening a Ferrero Rocher

Writing on a notepad whilst tearing out the page

Treading on eggshells

Opening a packet of chewing gum

Getting a pill out of a plastic packet

Opening a jar of coffee


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