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On the first Sunday of every month at 7pm get the very best family law advice.

Join James Stanley and Harrogate Family Law discussing family law issues including the pitfalls you need to avoid and how you can avoid them.  

Why choose Harrogate Family Law?  

We deal exclusively in family law, so we understand what you’re going through. We take the time to listen carefully to you, in particular the things that worry you most, so that we can make them our priority. We use our many years of experience and expertise to identify immediately anything that might cause a problem later and we take action to tackle it early. This helps you to avoid the huge number of pitfalls that many other family lawyers either spot too late or miss altogether. We help you avoid making very costly mistakes.

We will:

  • Be on your side
  • Save you money
  • Help you avoid making costly mistakes
  • Keep you out of court
  • Get you a fair deal

Trusting us to guide you through your separation will make a real difference to your future.

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Harrogate Family Law

Harrogate Family Law

Harrogate Family Law bring you the latest advice on the first Sunday of every month.

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Harrogate Family Law - August (Part Four)

What if my ex goes on holiday without permission?

Harrogate Family Law - August (Part Three)

Can I move abroad? What happens if we don't agree?

Harrogate Family Law - August (Part Two)

Where can I take my child on holiday, both with and without the other person's consent?

Harrogate Family Law - August (Part One)

Can I take my child on Holiday? What does parental responsibility really mean, who has PR other than you?

Harrogate Family Law Show - May 2016

Join James Stanley and Ellie Foster for advice on what to do with your house in a divorce.

Harrogate Family Law - April 2016

Join Claudia and James as they talk through divorce and the effects it can have on your children.

Harrogate Family Law - March 2016

Get top advice on divorce from Andrew Meehan - Harrogate Family Law

Harrogate Family Law - Feb 2016 - Part 4

Frequently asked questions, including "we're not married but we have lived together for years...surely this is a common law marriage

Harrogate Family Law - Feb 2016 - Part 3

Co-habitation agreements...which factors do they take into account? Is making a will important?

Harrogate Family Law - Feb 2016 - Part 2

What is covered by a pre-nup or post-nup?

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