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Bath bombs, Weight Watchers and the 80's all rolled into one man...

Our Alex is a big fan of going to the cinema, bath bombs, and being on Stray FM chatting to you every day!

When Alex was born, the UK’s number one song was I Feel Love by Donna Summer, petrol cost 18p a litre and a TV licence was £18! We thought that information might come in handy at a pub quiz sometime.

Alex always wanted to be on the radio, subjecting his younger brother Nik to his own radio station “Canny FM” when they were growing up in York. There are still cassettes in a shoe box somewhere with some of these early shows, but hopefully they will never see the light of day!


ABC (the ‘B’ stands for Barrie, incidentally) got his first ‘proper’ radio job in 1994 on a radio station in York, before heading to study Politics in Liverpool from 1995-1998. He’s been on air this time round since 2002, including stints in Bridlington, York and Scarborough before arriving at Stray FM full-time in January 2006, having done a few months’ worth of cover shows from September 2005.


Despite choosing a terrible Hugh Grant film and a disappointing chain restaurant for their first date, Alex managed to convince Sophie to stick around…and they got married in 2012 on 2nd August, which happens to be both their birthdays!


Alex’s other interests include world cinema, real ale and obscure 80s records. He also enjoys some seriously trashy TV, such as Snog Marry Avoid & Come Dine With Me. He has subscriptions to Heat Magazine and the Sunday Times. He also goes to the gym occasionally…but not as often as he should. Talking of which, it’s often said ABC never makes the drinks in the Stray FM office. This is true.


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Alex with Tony Blackburn


Alex at the gym




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