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We call him Mr Showbiz which is handy because he name-drops like a good un!

A few questions to David...

If you weren't on't the radio what would you be doing instead?
Have to be an actor - I seem to act in some way every day...

Here's a chance to come clean. Is there anything you did as a kid that you wish to own up now?
I was like the Milky Bar kid - completely angelic so nothing to confess to.

If someone gave you a tenner right now what would you do with it?
Go and buy a joke book (see later answer!!)


Who's the most famous person you've met?
Elton John plus several members of royalty, lots of soap stars, lots of music stars, lots of reality TV stars...I'm the red carpet boy at 97.2 Stray FM my mobile is like a Who's Who !!

Top bunk or bottom bunk?
Bottom...I can sleep walk which is never a good idea when you are several feet up

What's your first memory and how old were you?
Running down the garden of our new house when I was three

So you end on up on Come Dine With Me...what dish would you cook to bag yourself the £1000?
I can't cook so it I would need to cheat with friends handing cooked dishes through the window. I'm a bad loser though so any means etc.

Eeek, your house is burning down, what's the thing you'd grab as you run out of the door?
My mobile.

You’ve just fallen into a vat of toxic waste, which superpower would you like to have bestowed upon you?
The Superman thing that makes you fly into the sky - that way I could get out of it. Clever !

At the end of a long day doing this radio malarkey, what do you do to relax?
Watch some meaningless telly - there's lots of choice there !

Which would win in a fight, a polar bear or hippo? (The teacher would like to see your working!)
A Hippo (sorry the workings out got wet - it's the Hippo's fault, just loves the water!)

If you had to for the rest of your life, which would you give up, cheese or chocolate?'s very bad for you (or so my personal trainer tells me)

Go on then, 6 billion people could read this so this is your stage, tell us a joke (no pressure!)...
I'm so bad at jokes the humour police have charged me with crimes against the comic world in the past. I'm getting a joke book for future use from the tenner the web man is giving me !


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