Alex Cann's reward at Hypoxi Studio...


Karin Fritz from the Hypoxi Studio and our Alex Cann!

Lose weight and get a reward...

As a reward for taking the Wednesday Weigh-off more seriously than Nick or Stu, I was given a taster session down at Harrogate's Hypoxi studio!

Now, just as a little warning, the sight of me vacuum-packed into a suit is a little scary, so prepare yourself...

Hypoxi Studio Harrogate
The slimming qualities of black!

Before walking on the treadmill, Karin ran me through the principles of how it works. Effectively, the idea of the Hypoxi Vacunaut is to target certain areas of the body, and apply varying air pressure inside the sealed suit. Whilst it did get a little warm by the end of my twenty minutes, there was a nice big fan next to me to cool things down! It was certainly a unique experience, and made me realise I have some work to do to lose my desired two stone by Hallowe'en.

Hypoxi Studio Harrogate
You get plugged in the machine before you start walking...

Maybe once Karen has recovered from the Hallowe'en-esque sight of my derriere in a tight body suit, I may return for more!

Hypoxi Studio Harrogate
"It feels like bubbles"

Hear the "Before", "During" and "After" the session!

See more pictures in the gallery including Alex Cann's...ermm..."ample" bottom!

Find out more about Hypoxi Studio Harrogate

Author: Alex Cann



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