Stocks, sponges and our Alex Cann


The Calcutt Gala

I got voluteered for this!

It was the 11th annual Calcutt Gala recently, and I decided to bob down to check out the fun and frolics! As well as karate displays, a smoke-filled room manned by the Fire Service and a police van (which I got locked in!), other attractions included a huge raffle and tombola, splat-the-rat, plus many other sideshows.

Unfortunately, Stray FM's Tony Collins decided it would be hilarious to suggest I have a go in the stocks, and I got very wet as a result! Still, all in a good cause, as the whole event raises vital funds for local organisations, including the cricket club and playgroup! A fun day was had by all...and my clothes have finally dried off now!


Our Alex Cann in the stocks (photo courtesy of Ravi Kalsy)


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Author: Alex Cann