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Come Dine At Mine - Meal 1 - Paul Hartley as Host


I was the first to play host



































Stray FM presenters cook for each other and I went first...

The only word I can use to describe the evening which I hosted was – fabulous! And I’m not talking about the food, just how enjoyable it was for me. I have to admit to being a little nervous in advance, despite the fact that I fancy myself as a bit of a galloping gourmet – minus the copious amounts of wine; well, at least, until the cooking’s done and dusted!!

There are few more pleasurable experiences than having good friends round for dinner, wine and a natter. I think my menu of bruschetta with garlic and bean purée, followed by Turkey, pancetta and pea risotto went down well enough. The proof will, as they say, be in the pudding! Mind you, judging from peoples’ reaction on the night, the pudding was the culinary triumph. It was a fruity crunch with home-made vanilla custard.

I’m hoping the seemingly contented expressions on peoples’ faces was reflected in the marks people gave me. If it was to be scored on the host’s enjoyment, I reckon I can afford to be quite optimistic!

Main Course - Turkey Pancetta and Pea Risotto

Preparing the vanilla custard

Pud - Fruity Crunch and Vanilla Custard

Author: Paul Hartley


Laura, Alex and Patrick first impressions of the menu...

This is what Paul thought about his menu before the meal...

With the food eaten here's what Paul's guests thought of it...

And how did Paul think he got on...


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