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Come Dine At Mine - Meal 3 - Nick Hancock as Host


Look Mum, I'm cooking





















It was all round to Nick's for Round 3...

First things first – a confession. My idea of following a recipe is to “pierce film lid twice and microwave for 5 minutes”. I can’t cook. I don’t cook. So this was always going to be a bit of a challenge.

Luckily I have a lovely wife who was prepared to teach me (Yoda like) the ways of the kitchen! So before my Come Dine on Wednesday we spent the previous three nights with Sarah patiently coaching me to become the next Jamie Oliver.

My plan for the evening was simple....get them all drunk!

So as it was a beautiful summers night we had champagne on arrival in the little garden. Unfortunately as I was bbqing it looked as though my garden was on fire the whole time!

In a nice ‘Come Dine’ touch I gave each of my guests a magazine to read in case I had to keep disappearing to sort foody things out and they got bored. So Alex had Glamour. Paul read Heat. I gave Laura the Sunday time Style magazine and Paddy got the ‘Culture’ (he is of course a very cultured man).

Alex and Laura enjoying the evening

First course: A hot peppered smoked mackerel pate with toast...made by my own fair hands. You buy some Mackerels, add in half a tin of Philidelphia and chuck in soem crème fraiche and Bob’s your Dad’s brother.

Main course: Of course my it was lovely bbq’d food we had "Nick’s burgers" (in lovely big floury baps) with mayo and ketchup (not home made!) and chicken kebabs with rocket and tomato salad and a very garlic heavy potato salad (which Sarah did help me with to be fair.....but everyone was drunk by that point!).

Dessert: Eton Mess. A mixture of whipped cream, meringue and strawberries. Very easy to make (look if I can do it....) and very yummy. My guests all had second helpings which must be a good sign? I hope so. Now brownie points here too as I did a special pudding for Paul who is diabetic. He had strawberries and his own little pot of cream.

The booze flowed....the food seemed to go down well and the company was great so a fab time was had by all!



Author: Nick Hancock



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