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David pops down to Coronation Street


The Street!

Mr Showbiz treads those famous cobbles

When ITV invited me onto the set of Coronation Street I didn’t have to think twice about accepting.

I arrived on a cold November morning and after been cleared by security I walked onto the Granada set and immediately bumped into the street’s most famous resident – Ken Barlow played for 50 years by the actor William Roach. It was a quite bizarre moment as we wandered down the road into the studios to begin our interview chatting as if we had known each other for years.

He’s charming, a real gentleman and even after being in our living rooms for so long remains incredibly down to earth.

Breakfast at Roy's Rolls

Perhaps the best bit of the day though was, after interviewing several members of the cast the PR manager asking “do you fancy a quick wander around” you literately have to pinch yourself as you walk onto the Street and see such familiar sights as Audreys Hair Salon, Roy’s Café and Street Cabs.


One of the fascinating parts of the Street is the bus stop between Coronation Street and Rosamund Street – over the years so many characters have waited at that stop to depart the Street never to return.

The Famous Bus Stop

But opposite the bus stop is the biggest star of the Street – The Rovers Return, you can stare at it forever and remember all the huge character who’s life was running Newton & Ridleys famous hostelry from Annie Walker to Bet Lynch to the modern day McDonalds. You can smell the history.


That's the Rovers!

The inside sets are equally fascinating from Fizz’s living room to Peter Barlow’s kitchen in his flat – the one thing that strikes you is how tiny everything is. Tiny it may be but its also very authentic right down to the Chat magazines left in Eileen Grimshaws front room as props. It’s a long time since Elsie Tanner left that house, 27 years in fact !

Me stood outside Audrey's

So my time on the Street was coming to an end – and after nearly 7,500 episodes the show is still in great shape.

Happy birthday Coronation Street - fifty years young!

Listen again some of the questions I managed to put to Ken Barlow (Bill Roach) about the 50th Year, the Tram Crash and the live show:

Author: David Whittle



David pops down to Coronation Street !