: Waiting for next track...

: Waiting for next track...

Hello, my name is Paul Hartley and I'm going the extra mile for the Saint Michael's Hospice

Hello and welcome to my ING New York City Marathon Challenge. When Saint Michael’s Hospice asked me to run the marathon on their behalf I was more than delighted to accept their offer. Not just because I’ve always wanted to run the event, but because ever since I’ve been working at Stray FM I‘ve been eager to do anything I can to help this fabulous organisation.

The marathon takes place on Sunday 7th November and follows a course around the seven boroughs of Manhattan Island. Over the last few months the  Stray FM Team and myselfhave already raised over £7000 for the Saint Michael's Hospice. It's all down to the generosity of the businesses and individuals who have donated to this fantastic cause and of course the lovely people who bid for the auction lots!

Oh,  and in case you’re wondering why it’s called “Going the Extra Mile for Saint Michael’s Hospice”, wonder no more! My very helpful Group Programme Director, suggested I run 27.3 miles, instead of the usual 26.3 miles because he thought it would “sound good”. Hmmm. I said yes. Please be generous. It’s for a wonderful cause. If you’d prefer to sponsor me via my just giving page, please feel free. The address is www.justgiving.com/strayfm

You can also follow my progress as I train for the event by keeping an eye on my weekly training blog, right here.



Training Blog w/e 10th October

I am feeling more than a little pleased with myself as I have now completed my formal 23 week training programme for this year’s ING New York City Marathon. There’s life in the old dog yet! What is more surprising is that I have managed to avoid injury and my troublesome left hamstring and right calf muscles have held up – so far!

I now go into what is known as the taper period, which is essentially about maintaining the level of fitness I have worked so hard to reach. Can I just thank my friends at Up and Running in Harrogate for designing this programme and supplying me with my running kit and shoes.

For news of how my taper is going, watch this space!

Until then.





The intensity of my training has definitely gone up a notch or two in the last seven days. The emphasis is now on stamina, endurance and recovery time.


The previous 13 weeks have simply been a case of gradually increasing the amount of time I’ve been running, albeit at a reasonably easy pace. On most occasions this has meant a day’s rest between each session, and sometimes two, to allow my muscles to recuperate. However, towards the end of last week and this week, there have been consecutive sessions, culminating in a 30 minute “easy” run today, following on from yesterday’s regime of a 10 minute jog, followed by 15 minutes of running at full pace, and then another 10 minutes jogging to “warm” down. Fifteen minutes might not seem like a long time, but it’s quite gruelling when you’re running flat-out.


The next 4 weeks include 4-day stretches, without a day off, of running at varying pace and length, which will severely test my powers of recovery and build up my “resistance to distance”. Watch this space to see how it goes!


Until next week.