: Waiting for next track...

: Waiting for next track...

Will this car make it to Outer Mongolia


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PC Chris Hind and our Pete Edwards

Pete went to meet Team Schfifty Five's vehicle that'll hopefully get Chris and Oli to the capital of Mongolia...

If you haven’t heard already 28 year old Harrogate policeman Chris Hind and vet Oli Maxwell are driving to Outer Mongolia for charity on the Mongol Rally. A couple of weeks ago Chris popped into Stray FM and had a chat with Tony Collins about their preparations for the rally and you can listen again here.

Now back in 2008 little old me took on the same challenge so I was once all excited when I heard about Chris and Oli taking on the rally. With this mind, you won’t be surprised to hear that like an excitable 6 year old, I had to go and have a nosey at how their preparations were getting on.

The rules of the rally state that you must use a car with an engine size of 1 litre or less and be no more than 10 years old. The idea behind the rally is not necessarily to get there but the adventure of taking on the challenge...where’s the fun in hoping into a 4x4 when you could take a completely inappropriate car and have to use your initiative to get it fixed if it breaks down? Ok, so it’s not for everyone but when your wheel falls off in the middle of the desert it’s amazing who turns up to help a fellow human in need.

Chris had been a busy bunny trying to get all sorts of bits of equipment, supplies and VISAs sorted out along with preparing the car. The Vauxhall Corsa and was kindly donated by the team at Stoneacre with Hydes of Boroughbridge stepping in to do some modifications to give it at least half a chance of making the journey!

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Chris and the car that "should" get him to Mongolia

Being a bit handy himself, Chris had also been busy installing some protection for some of the more delicate parts of the car like the brake lines but has found the week leading up to the departure have been a little stressful especially when a drop of hot weld fell onto the windscreen and broke it...just 2 days before the off!

With a replacement fitted, it was one less thing to worry about but you won’t be surprised when I say the some of the words Chris used when talking about the last 48 hours before the start included “stressed/nightmare/blind panic”. Having done the same thing 2 years ago I can definitely say it’ll all pale into insignificance when Chris and Oli get on the road and the adventure really begins...not sure about you but I’m very jealous!

Check out some of the other pictures I got of the car and it's modifications

If you want to support the lads and donate to the charities they’re raising money for, drop yourself onto their website:


Author: Pete Edwards