4 Non Blondes: What's UpiTunesAmazon

4 Non Blondes: What's UpiTunesAmazon

Love is in the Air!


Paul "Lord Of Love" Hartley on his deliveries!

We went all soft in the lead up to Valentines Day!

In the run-up to Valentine's Day, we quizzed you on a number of 'romantic' topics, and came up with some interesting findings, as we searched for five lucky recipients of our huge balloons from Party Fever in Harrogate!


Just two examples of the cool balloons we had from Party Fever.

Here is the official Stray FM Top 5 puddings:

5 - Fruit crumble
4 - Tiramisu
3 - Chocolate fudge cake
2 - Sticky toffee pudding
1 - Profiteroles

And if you're following your pud with a romantic comedy, these are the ones to rent, according to Stray FM listeners:

5 - Sleepless In Seattle
4 - 50 First Dates
3 - Notting Hill
2 - The Wedding Singer
1 - Pretty Woman

You're a pretty romantic lot I reckon, although I'm quite shocked Dirty Dancing, Four Weddings and Notting Hill didn't finish higher! Happy Valentine's Day x

Check out some of the pictures we got when Paul "Lord of Love" Hartley went out delivering the balloons in the Love Is In The Air Gallery.

Author: Alex Cann



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