Nick goes for a Midnight walk


These shoes are made for walking

I failed the Wednesday Weigh off and now I've got to go for a walk...

So I’m in trouble. BIG trouble. I have gone and upset Sarah the Big Bad Boss (the Maggie Thatcher of Stray FM, seriously don’t mess!). Sarah is not happy about our Wednesday Weigh Off diet feature as I don’t appear to be losing any weight! This is true. However in my defence there are just too many mini eggs, Pringles, bacon butties and chocolate hob nobs to eat!

The Boss says “this can’t go on” and “we’ve got a reputation as the number one station” and “you’re embarrassing us”. But I say “look I’ve given you North Yorkshire’s biggest breakfast show (in pounds and ounces!) and we’ve only been on air for 3 months!”

Anyhow I have been set a sporting challenge. On Monday morning at 8am I was whisked from the comfort of my happy radio studio to the Yorkshire Events Centre where we be walking the Engage Mutual Midnight Walk route.  

Starting off from the Yorkshire Event Centre


Taking a break at the Woodlands


Heading along Hookstone Drive


Linking back live to studio from Oatlands Drive

We completed about 4 miles of the 6.5 miles course but it was enough for a Monday morning and I'm tucking into a mars bar as I write. The event, (if you don’t know), is for Saint Michael’s Hospice, and is taking place on 3rd July 2010 and if I can do it ANYONE CAN!!! Everyone I have met in Harrogate who has taken part tells me it is a really special event and you need to sign up asap.

Sign up for the Engage Mutual Midnight Walk.

Author: Nick Hancock



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