The Chainsmokers / Coldplay: Something Just Like ThisiTunesAmazon

The Chainsmokers / Coldplay: Something Just Like ThisiTunesAmazon

Paul Hartley looks back at 25 years on the radio


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And radio wasn't in black and white back then either.

This month sees the 25th anniversary of my very first radio show. It was at 8 am. on Friday 18th October 1985 that the world was first subjected to my dulcet tones on KCSB, an AM radio station in Isla Vista, California. Since then my nomadic radio existence has taken me to all sorts of places including Manchester, Macclesfield, Blackburn, Stoke, Darlington, Hull and now sunny Harrogate and the lovely Stray FM.

How the studios looked in 1985

Radio is a wonderful medium and its power to both entertain and act as a companion to each and everyone of us should never be underestimated. That is the reason why it, among all of the traditional media outlets, has weathered the onslaught of the internet most effectively. And it is also the reason why I feel extremely privileged to have been, and continue to be able, to make a career and a decent living doing what I love.

You had to have a license to broadcast in the US

I've included here a few pictures of my days at KCSB; the best of times. After you have laughed at my 80s hairstyle and fashion sense, take some time to look at the studio in the pictures. No computers. No CDs, in fact, nothing digital; just turntables, vinyl records and cartridge machines and the carts themselves. You really were a disc jockey in the truest sense of the words in those days and it was so much fun! Radio has changed a lot in the interim period, but it is still as much fun as it ever was.

Me (including mullet) hosting the Super Saturday Show

Make sure you listen to my Hometime Show on Monday 18th October as I will be playing a selection of tunes that featured on my very first KCSB play list back in 1985. 


The playlist from my first ever show


Author: Paul Hartley