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Pete on the Loose - Compost and Car Washes all in one day


Checking out some of compost bins

It was a little bit of a run around but that what's being on the loose is about. First up, save money and be nice to the environment...

I’m going to say that the idea of composting takes me back to when I was knee high to a grasshopper. Yep , it’s true, when I was growing up in Ireland my parents did a lot of composting. I don’t need to tell you that compost  is useful  for making the stuff in your garden grow and before you ask, yes, we did use it for growing potatoes. Lots of potatoes.

It was the team from York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership that invited me along to an event they were holding in Ripley. Over the years The Partnership have been encouraging us to think about how we can all reduce our waste including the amount of food waste we send to landfill.  Just by chucking your food left-overs in one the Green Johanna composters, it vastly reduces the impact environment with less bin wagons on the road along with the food waste breaking down in a more natural way.

With all of that in mind along with the different methods you can now recycle our food waste the Partnership had decided they’d be very nice and subsidise the cost of the various type of bins so that you could get yourself started for a lot less which could save you a bundle on compost...and doing your bit for the environment of course.

Food waste in here - free compost out the bottom.

If you want to find out a little more on how you can reduce your food waste and get free compost at the same time, take a look at York and North Yorkshire Waster Partnership.

Second up, washing cars for charity...

On the same day I also had an invite from Bruce Reid (Crew Manager of Green Watch) to pop in and help the team at the Harrogate Fire Station on their car wash to raise money for The Fire Fighters Charity. The charity helps about 17000 men, women and children from the fire community every year and the teams at the Harrogate, Ripon and Knaresborough fire stations were all raising during this national event.

It was a bit of a murky day but it wasn’t enough to dampen spirits of the crew as people queued to get their cars washed. It turned out in the end to be a great day for the crew at the Harrogate Fire Station as they raised £750 for the Fire Fighters Charity.

I want to give a mention to some of the people we spoke to who were kind enough to have a word with us on air:

Mum Samantha and daughter Amy as they’d driven past earlier with Amy persuading her mum to go back and get their car washed. Thanks also must go to Rachel as she just pulled over, gave a fiver to the charity and went without even getting her car washed! We also spoke to Ashley and Roxy who’d enjoyed getting their car washed by the sexy firemen...their words not mine!

I also got to say thanks to the team at the Harrogate Fire Station as after I’d rolled my sleeves and helped cleaned some of the cars they let me have a go a rinsing the cars with the big proper hose!

If you're gonna clean some cars, this the way to do it!

Check out some of the other pictures of the charity car wash (including proof I got my hands dirty and help out).

Find out more about the Fire Fighters Charity here.

Author: Pete Edwards