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Alex Cann takes on the 72 Ounce Steak Challenge


Neck scarfs not mandatory

He'd failed the 72 ounce steak challenge twice before but will it be 3rd time for Alex?

If you haven’t heard already I’m Stray FM’s resident foodie and recently decided to test out the principle of 'third time lucky' when I attempted the Cattlemen's Association 72oz steak challenge. Having tried and failed twice before to complete the timed eating marathon, I arrived at the restaurant fairly cocksure that I could crack it this time.

When it came to preparing for the challenge, training included consuming an entire iceberg lettuce in one sitting, which apparently stretches the capacity of the stomach (according to an American website). I also read that’s best to eat as much as possible in the first 20 minutes, before his body realised how full it was getting.

If you're gonna eat 72 ounces of steak you need to train for it

I started off well, and polished off at least half of the beast inside the first 25 minutes. However, jaw-ache set in, and the pieces being gnawed decreased dramatically in size as the minutes ticked away.

The Challenge begins...

Yes, that's what 72 ounces of steak looks like

The hour was up...the steak was weighed...and 3 oz were left on the plate out of an original 72oz slab of meat.

Arrrghhh, 3 ounces short!

Arrggh, 3 ounces short of the challenge!

So I failed the Cattlemen's 72 Ounce Steak Challenge for the 3rd time. I have made a donation to charity and have promised not to attempt it again...this year!


Author: Alex Cann



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