Alex Cann's Top 10 Worst Albums...that he owns!


Just one of my worst albums!









Check out the 90's attitude!















Mmmm, Jazz, 80's Jazz!
















Seriously Phil, seriously...













Scream and runaway faster

















Doubt it's worth a tenner now
















Jumping all over the album
















Just imagine that party...















Full of "cheeky" goodness















It ain't a hassle for the Hoff












's that bad!

Embarrassing albums? Yeah I might have one or two!

I had been doing some clearing up at home going through some of my CDs only to be horrified by some of the albums I had hidden away. However in the interests of music taste education I've decided to bare my soul and share them with you on the show so you can learn from my mistakes...or just laugh!

Listen to the show after 1 o'clock on the show and see  what makes it onto the list of my Top 10 Worst Albums...that I own.!In the meantime you can see how the list is shaping up so far:

2 Unlimited "Get Ready"

This classic slice of Euro-pop was released in 1992 on PWL International Ltd, the 'trendy' dance label set up by Pete Waterman and co. It featured the fab "Get Ready For This", arguably the most-played opening song for sporting events, and also used in Roy "Chubby" Brown's show over the years. Other tracks include "Twilight Zone" and "The Magic Friend". Many of the tracks appear twice, as a rap and rave version, for a sense of contrast. Ray and Anita had several big hits, reaching eight top ten singles and a number one with "No Limit" in 1993. This album started off their amazing musical journey, and is a classic, honest!

2 Unlimited - Workaholic...oh dear


Jazz and '80s Vol 2 - The Coolest And Sexiest Songbook Of The Eighties

This album was released in 2007, and I have to confess it was a gift from one of my friends. I had high hopes, as it combines jazz and the 1980s, two of the things I love in life! Tracks include "Billie Jean", "Take On Me" and "Material Girl". Unfortunately, the arrangements are horrendous and it makes my ears bleed!

Material Girl + Jazz = errmm yeah


Seriously Orchestral...Hits Of Phil Collins Played By The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

This "classic" album is conducted by Louis Clark, and features ten of Phil's best songs arranged in an orchestral style-ee. I think this dances a fine line between kitsch and awful, and am a little reluctant to include it in the Top Ten, as it features Phil's work. I must also point out that the orchestral versions of ABBA and Oasis are far, far worse. However, it's worthy of inclusion in our chart, as nothing beats the real Phil Collins!


Geri Halliwell - "Scream If You Wanna Go Faster"

As you may be aware, I have a certain penchant for Geri, and she was always a rather underrated Spice Girl, in my humble opinion. Her first album "Schizophonic" shifted over 31,000 copies in its first week, and featured three number one singles, plus a number two with the ace "Look At Me". However, I'm afraid that album two was rather bobbins...the title track has some exceptionally bad lyrics, and track two "Shake Your Bootie Cutie" doesn't really help things. In fact, apart from "It's Raining Men", the other 11 tracks are all duff!

"You want us to do what?"


Claire Sweeney - "Claire"

I have had SO much stick over the last four and a half years of working at 97.2 Stray FM for purchasing this album! I was in Tesco's near my parents' house, and had a spare tenner (yes, it cost £10)...and it was an impulse buy. Don't even ask why. I have tried to claim it's good to justify the buy, but I'm putting it out there's awful! "My Heart Will Go On" is a particular low, whilst her version of "Light My Fire" would make Mr Morrison spin in his grave. A 15 track shocker.

Brian May even got in on the act in this "classic"

Scooter - Jumping All Over The World

This is a two-disc set of hi-NRG music, including 34 'amazing' tracks. The first CD has such gems as "Enola Gay", originally by 80s-synth group OMD, "Whistling Dave", and "Neverending Story" (the Limahl classic!). The second disc has horrors including "Jigga Jigga" and "How Much Is The Fish?", which must earn some credit for the title I guess.

I have no idea why I bought this compact disc to be honest. Maybe I thought it would be good to work out to at the gym. I was wrong - it's shocking!

Football, bikes and concern over the cost of cod


Black Lace - What A Party!

This is a 19 track shocker, including such party gems as "Dance The Night Away", "Superman", "Agadoo", and the hip-wiggling classic "Gimme Some". The CD also includes a line dance medley, and a particularly awful version of the Village People's "YMCA". My excuse is that I bought this for wedding disco purposes, but that doesn't hold much water, given that "Agadoo" is frequently on a list of banned records drawn up by brides!

Go on...I dare you to watch it!

Cheeky Girls - Party Time

Fancy a Salsa in the Disco? How about taking your shoes off, or touching my bum? If the answer to these questions is a resounding "no", then this album is most definitely NOT for you! It's got a dozen stinking tracks, plus three bonus videos and a picture gallery. How did these Romanian twins ever have four top ten hits?! The small mercy is that they haven't made number one in the charts...yet.

Watch the video,don't be shy.


David Hasselhoff Sings America

The Hoff sings fifteen American classics...badly. I bought this for a laugh, but to be honest, was crying by the time I got to track six (California Girls). I have never made it any further than track ten (La Isla Bonita), and the only saving grace is the hilarious photographs inside the inlay of the CD! A true shocker, and only just missed out on number one.

Would you jump in this man's car?!


Panpipes Play Phil Collins

A very special friend bought this for me, and it is kind of my best and worst album, all at the same time!!! The version of "Against All Odds" is strangely moving, but most tracks make you want to move to the 'off' switch! It's terrible, there's no excuse, but it's kind of fun too. Sort of. He he!

Thankfully there's no tracks on youtube for me to link to!


Author: Alex Cann