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Dna / Suzanne Vega: Tom's DineriTunesAmazon

Ahhh with this Forrero Rocher you are really challenging us...


Laura and chocolates

Laura Finnerty took on the challenge of eating a record amount of Forrero Rochers in a minute...

On Friday's Breakfast Show, Laura attempted to break the world record for the most Ferrero Rocher eaten in a minute (currently seven!). The rules state there must be no drinking during the challenge, chocolates must only be unwrapped within the time, and they must be completely swallowed before starting on the next one.

The attempts were all done live on the Breakfast Show but we also filmed them so that you can either learn from Laura's technique or just laugh!


World Record Attempt Number 1


World Record Attempt Number 2!

After two attempts, Laura got very close to breaking the record! A third attempt has been mooted for Friday 9th July...watch this space!

Author: Alex Cann