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Springwater School Big Build Appeal

The Big Build 2018 - Wednesday 4th July

Stray FM and Variety are working together to transform the facilities of Springwater School in Starbeck

  • Springwater School caters for students ranging from two years through to students who are nineteen. All pupils have a wide range of learning difficulties and associated Special Educational Needs
  • The teaching and learning are wonderful, but unfortunately the facilities don't match
  • Variety have been fundraising to transform the facilities and phase 1 is complete, but there's still more needed to complete the vision
  • Stray FM listeners and local businesses are being encouraged to get the project completed in time for the new school year

What is the Big Build?

Variety, the children's charity, visited Springwater School in January 2017 and met with the Head teacher, Sarah Edwards.

From meeting both Sarah and her fantastic staff, it was clear how passionate they are about the school and its pupils and the level of care that is given to each and every child. The school is a small building, based on a restrictive site so outside space is very limited and it was immediately apparent the effect that the school’s limited funds and space has on the environment and equipment they are able to offer their pupils.

The Big Build project seeks to improve the school's facilities in three phases:

Thanks to the Crystal Event 2017, a generous donation from Endless LLP at the Yorkshire Business Awards 2016 and invaluable support from The HACS Group, Variety were able to complete Phase 1 of the ‘Big Build’ project earlier this year; a state of the art sensory and soft play area. 

Phase 2 is to build an external, purpose built covered trampoline facility to be used for rebound therapy. Rebound therapy is vital in providing therapeutic exercise and recreation to children with a wide range of special needs, aiding their physical development whilst providing them with a sense of joy and helping to alleviate some of their continual, physical pain.

Phase 3 of the project turns our attention to the school’s playground. At present, the playground is a basic tarmacadam area, with an unsuitable slide and climbing frame, no shelter, is dangerously sloped around the edges and provides no significant aid to the development and happiness of the schools’ pupils. It is Variety’s vision to create an all-inclusive, interactive and sensory stimulating playground for Springwater, to allow their able bodied pupils to play alongside those with disabilities which has been designed by a well-known landscaping coming in Leeds called Re-form Landscape Architecture.

How can I get involved in the Big Build?

Listen to Stray FM all day on Wednesday 4th July to hear more about the school and its work.

We'll be spending the whole day celebrating Springwater and raising money to complete the Big Build project.

What will the money be spent on?

The simplest way to see is to look at the photos below:

The current playground

Much of it is unusable

Plans for the new playground

It'll provide much needed space and equipment

And here's what the final playground will look like:


Who will you be helping?

Watch this video to find out:

 How can I donate?

If you're representing a local business and you'd like to take part in the on-air fundraising drive, call our team on 01423 522972 for further details.

If you're an individual you can donate on the Big Build's Just Giving page.

Or you can text VBBP80 and the amount you want to donate (in multiples of £10) to 70070. For example, to donate £20 you would text "VBBP80 £20" to 70070.


Other ways to help

The project is also looking for a few final donations and businesses to help finish off the build.

The requirements are:

  • 75m approx 250 plants of hedging either elder or blackthorn
  • One 8 x 6 summer house
  • 13 beach huts, which will need doors wide enough for wheelchairs, so a timber merchant who can help would be appreciated. 
  • Tarmac (exact amount to be confirmed).
  • A flooring contractor to provide 30msq of vinyl or wooden flooring for the rebound studio

If you can help contact the Stray FM team at 01423 522972