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nickhancockportrait.jpg   Nick is on the radio every weekday morning between 6 and 9am.  If you only listen a little, you miss a lot.  Check out their breakfast blog to catch up on what you've missed out on.

It's been awesome!

31st August 2012

Listeners were reporting the first frost of the year this morning. It can’t be true, it can’t be true!*

A very strange this happened this morning. Nick and I were randomly chatting about Brian Harvey running himself over in his own car back in 2005. (Remember that? Does anybody know how he managed it?) When out of the studio window, we spied Stu from Sales almost running himself over with his own car.

(It wasn’t in the same spectacular way that Harvey almost did himself in, but strange nonetheless. Stu had merely parked his car, forgot to put the handbrake on, walked away, then saw his car rolling away and so had to half the moving car manually, hands on bonnet style. Most coincidental.)

Right then. I’m off. It’s been awesome!

*It is.


Posted by Jennie at 9:32am

Rain, rain, Subway Sarah, rain, rain and more rain...

30th August 2012

What's the deal with all this rain! When did it switch to winter? I don't recall getting that memo.

The listeners were moaning a lot about the rubbish weather this morning. It was causing havoc on the roads and havoc with Sue(from Ripon)'s hair too.

As my Nan says though: there's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.

So get your wellies on. You'll be fine.

We had Sarah from Subway in Starbeck on the phone today for The Secret Sound. She was a delight. I'm so suggestible though that I've now got to go to Subway for my lunch today.

I have to have a Subway sandwich. I have to. I will not rest until I'm eating one. I'm eating one of those bad boys if it's the last thing I do and don't try to stop me.

Catch you tomorrow morning. Have great day.


Posted by Jennie at 10:57am

Conversational wizardry...

29th August 2012

The Paralympics kicks off this evening. Unfortunately Prince Harry will not be attending the opening ceremony. He’ll be getting up to no good in his hotel room, no doubt. Somebody keep an eye on him this time, yeah?

When we get callers on the air, we’re normally quite tight for time. They’re on and they’re off. Sometimes though, even if you’re running over, it’s so good, you just have to go with it. That’s what happened today.

Annette was a conversational wizard. She effortlessly took us from Hollywood knashers, to Ronan Keating’s hairy chest, to her American husband’s hair-free bod, to philosophy, before finally ending up on turnstile sounds.

Yes, she took us sensationally off topic, but it was worth it.

At the time of writing, it’s persisting it down with rain. Nick might have actually got the weather forecast right for a change. Something’s gone wrong here.

Catch you tomorrow at the crack of dawn. Stay dry.



Posted by Jennie at 11:06am

"Meow" It roared, menacingly.

28th August 2012

There was a particularly ferocious pussy cat on the loose this weekend. Some numpty mistook a domestic cat for a lion and it sparked a huge police hunt. I only hope it didn’t cross your path, it might have licked you to death or rubbed its furry little body too hard against the bottom of your legs, causing possible chaffing.

It’s a jungle out there. Keep your wits about you.

We’re all doing naked salutes in support of Prince Harry. Contrary to the opinions of some scare mongering journalists, the general consensus on Harry’s naked billiard playing, is that it was all a bit of harmless fun. It’s endeared him to us even more if anything, and we already loved him!

There’s a brand new Soundcheck survey underway at Stray FM. It’s easy, quick and fun to do and it gives you the chance to rate the songs we play.

For instance; I, for one, do not like Fast Car or Bo Rap. If and when those bad boys pop up on that survey, they'll be getting a big fat 'HATE THIS' score from me. I appreciate how good they are, but you need to appreciate how many times I’ve heard them.

They say that familiarity breeds contempt. It does.

Have a great day. Nick and I will be back tomorrow early doors.


Lion Cat


Posted by Jennie at 12:12pm

Happy bank holiday weekend!

24th August 2012

The Sun has gone against polite royal requests to stop publishing the naked photographs of Prince Harry. The newspaper (and I use the word ‘newspaper’ in the loosest possible sense here) has printed them regardless, claiming it’s in the public interest.  


How is it anyone’s right to ogle the naked, PRIVATE, holiday photographs of anybody?

I didn’t think I could think less of that rag. Turns out; I can. Rich in hypocrisy and morally bankrupt.

It’s the start of another Bank Holiday Weekend today! I’m braving the rain and going to Leeds Fest and James is going to his parents to eat them out of house and home. He told us that he still gets told off by his Mom and Dad, which led us to chatting about the classic lines that you got from your parents when you were naughty as a kid. Listen to the audio below for some blinders.

Now, have a fantastic long weekend and go and think about what you’ve done!


Posted by Jennie at 10:00am


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It's been awesome!

Posted by Jennie

31st August 2012 9:32am

Rain, rain, Subway Sarah, rain, rain and more rain...

Posted by Jennie

30th August 2012 10:57am

Conversational wizardry...

Posted by Jennie

29th August 2012 11:06am

"Meow" It roared, menacingly.

Posted by Jennie

28th August 2012 12:12pm

Happy bank holiday weekend!

Posted by Jennie

24th August 2012 10:00am


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