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Boy Meets Girl: Waiting for a Star to FalliTunesAmazon

  Nuffield Health - Harrogate Fitness & Wellbeing centre  




  Discover Nuffield Healths new approach to gyms at Harrogate Fitness & Wellbeing Centre. Their dedicated team of clinically trained health experts, located in gym, are on hand to support you in achieving your individual fitness goals.    
  When you join Harrogate Fitness & Wellbeing Centre you'll experience their unique 3-step gym plan. This plan's expertly designed to help you improve and sustain your fitness whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle.    
  Your journey with them starts with their clinically approved 12-point Health MOT from which you'll obtain a 'health score'. You'll then carry out a personalised gym programme for 3 months, before having a second Health MOT. If you have not maintained or improved your score you'll be free to leave with no obligation.    
  Why they're the best gym in Harrogate    
  They're passionate about improving your health. They'll even give you rewards worth at least £100, to redeem in gym, for raising your fitness levels with them.

With them you'll also have access to a range of specialists including health mentors, wellbeing advisors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, and physiologists. For them it's not just about getting you fit and healthy, but keeping you that way for the long-term.
  Looking at gyms in Harrogate, North Yorkshire? Book your FREE 1-day gym pass today and experience our innovative approach to fitness and wellbeing.    

The Challenge:We've sent Nick to Nuffield Health Harrogate to improve his fitness over the next 3 months.

  Nick’s Blog
Time for a change
Could this be you? In your thirties – no spring chicken anymore…sadly! Not fit like you used to be and you eat too much rubbish too often.
Well it was me.
After years of making excuses – early starts, long working hours, never time to eat proper meals so buy lunch from the Petrol station….I decided I really wanted to make 2014 my year of Health and Wealth!

The real kick up the backside that forced me to change my life was my ‘Health MOT’ at Nuffield. Now I knew at fourteen stone I’d come up ‘overweight’. However I was shocked to discover my cholesterol was too high. Tom from Nuffield Health took me to one side and explained this was very dangerous as it could lead to bigger health problems down the line. Of course now I’m a Dad it made me realise that for Alfie not just for me I had to start taking a bit more care of myself.

It was time to change.
The changes I’ve made to my diet are embarrassingly simple. I say embarrassing because I feel silly that I didn’t do this stuff years ago.
I’ve cut down on white bread, pasta, dairy and all that sugary stuff like cakes and biscuits.
I’m eating more good protein like fish and pasta and lots more fruit and veg.

But the biggest change I’ve made is banning myself from eating in my car. I have about a forty minute commute to work and I always ate ‘on the move’ what that meant was a petrol station lunch every day – sandwich, packet of crisps and my Achilles heal – a bag of peanut M+Ms every day.

So by the way I’ve also saved myself a fortune now I’m not buying all this for lunch every day. 
So Tom at Nuffield put a dead straight forward programme together for me. I’ve never been a member of a gym before so wasn’t particularly confident about using all the machines. So Tom kept it simple mostly using the cross trainer and exercise bikes for fifteen minutes at a time but at quite an intense level so I burn more calories for longer. I do this three times a week plus a bit of swimming there too. I never thought I’d enjoy exercise but I have to say I am loving it.

I get on that cross trainer after my show….stick Jeremy Kyle on the tv and Stray FM on in my earphones and I’m away.

For years and years and years of doing Breakfast radio I’ve felt jetlagged and knackered all the time. Now I feel fresh. I have more energy and I am feeling so awake that I can spend more time with my son Alfie during the afternoons – the greatest pay off from all of this health and fitness stuff by a country mile!

Results so far…
I must stress it has only been six weeks but already I’ve lost just over a stone. I feel great and would just like to thank Tom and all the team at Nuffield for their support and encouragement.