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Lost & Found Pets

30th May 2017, Lost kitten, 1 king George Rd ripon hg4 1rt
Archie went missing at midnight last night in the king george area of ripon he is only 8 weeks old he is tiger stripped cream and grey with white under chin please contact if found .
Contact sarah holliday on 07507905290 Contact by email
26th May 2017, Cat found St Andrews area HG2, 15 st Patrick's way, Hg27nz
Long haired, grey haired cat with bright green eyes. Very friendly but is extremely thin and fur in very poor matted state so may have been living rough for some time. No micro chip. We have given her some food and tried to clean her up but please get in touch if you know anyone who it might belong to
Contact Kim on 07932450348 Contact by email
26th May 2017, Cat found St Andrews area HG2, 15 st Patrick's way, Hg27nz
Long haired, grey haired cat with bright green eyes. Very friendly but is extremely thin and fur in very poor matted state so may have been living rough for some time. No micro chip. We have given her some food and tried to clean her up but please get in touch if you know anyone who it might belong to
Contact Kim on 07932450348 Contact by email
21st May 2017, Missing Black Cat, 1 Forest Rise, Harrogate
Our small, short- haired, male black cat has been missing since not returning home in Starbeck yesterday. Called Pudding, he is much loved by our 7 year old daughter and all the family. He is incredibly friendly and seeks attention from humans. Please check your garage, shed or outbuildings. Thank you
Contact Caron Godbold-Darbyshire on 07958564653 Contact by email
30th Apr 2017, Missing cat, Leonard, 2 St Patricks Way, Harrogate, HG2 7NZ
Leonard has been missing from St Andrews / Wetherby Road area since Mon 24th Apirl. He is a white with Ginger head and tail and 3 distincitive markings on his lover back with another on his right shoulder. This is totally out of character for him. He has a brother and they are rarely parted, Sheldon is fretting terribly. Please contact with any info on 07732747740. Thank you
Contact Sharon Lovatt on 07732747740 Contact by email
22nd Apr 2017, Lost rabbit, 1 hill rise avenue
Our rabbit escaped from Harlow Hill area, he's a white dwarf lop.
Contact Claudia Christie on 07879420932 Contact by email
17th Apr 2017, Cat Missing, 302 Woodfield Road, Harrogate, HG1 4JG
On Monday 17th April at about 11.30 am our cat had just arrived at his new home on Osborne Walk off Kings Road, Harrogate. Unfortunately he got out of the cat basket and ran off into Coppice School fields.He may be returning to Woodfield Road. He is a neutered black and white cat,8 yrs old, no collar, usually friendly though he will be scared at the moment. Any info gratefully received, local vets are aware, thankyou
Contact Anita Scott on 07715 347389 Contact by email
15th Apr 2017, Missing cat, 42 Beckwith crescent, Harrogate
Missing small fluffy tabby cat from Beckwith Crescent. Last seen Saturday approx 4 pm. Answers to the name of Paddy. Dark markings with lighter coloured bell. Has matted bit on his side. Friendly if encouraged. He is chipped - please call if you have any info, good or bad
Contact Jacki Taylor on 07772280788 Contact by email
10th Apr 2017, Missing cat, 8 St Andrews Place
Missing male black cat called fluffy. He has a blue velevety collar. He's friendly but jumpy and shy at times. Been missing since the 10th from Hg2 area.
Contact Rebecca Blanche on 07764378821 Contact by email
4th Apr 2017, Missing Cat - Django, Nightingale Drive, Harrogate
My lovely Fur baby Django went missing from 4:30 on Monday the 3rd. He's a black & white tuxedo cat very large two year old male but long & lean, very affectionate but shy of strangers and cars. He has a red collar with his address on it and he is chipped and neutered. Very unusual for him to go far, we fear he may have been accidentally locked in somewhere as it was a sunny evening on Monday. Please get in touch if you know anything at all. I'm a distraught pregnant lady who loves her fur baby.
Contact Lisa shaw on 07528553920 Contact by email
19th Mar 2017, Missing cat, Skipton, North Yorkshire
Smudge is our 14 month old cat, she is mainly Black with ginger patches and white socks, bib and chin she went missing 8:30 pm on Sunday 19th March 2017 from Middletown area of Skipton near the pens and allotments and garages please searched any premises or land you own as she is only a small cat and doesn't like the wet weather and maybe sheltering away. Thank you
Contact Martin Fountain on 07526 231995 Contact by email
11th Mar 2017, Found, black spaniel dog, Flaxby
Came into our garden/field, currently safe in a run
Contact Michelle on 07734203821 Contact by email
28th Feb 2017, Lost Cat, 13 Orchid way, killinghall moor HG3 2WR
Lost White cat with tabby markings near Orchid way in the Killinghall/Jennyfield area of Harrogate
Contact John Sisko on 07958 687566 Contact by email
18th Jan 2017, Missing Black Fluffy Male Cat, 14 The Rowans, York Road, Wetherby, LS22 5EB
Lost.....Missing black male cat. Very fluffy tail. Last seen on the 18th Jan near the Rowans, Wetherby.
Reward if found.
Contact Jackie Wright on 07582670629 Contact by email
14th Jan 2017, Missing Cat - Saints area, 55 St Helens Road, HG2 8LD
Black female cat aged 10 years missing from St Clements Road area of the Saints from Saturday 14th January 2017. Formally of St Helens Road - may be trying to find her old home.

Much loved family pet, any information gratefully received.
Contact Mark Allen on 07887593373 Contact by email
16th Nov 2016, Missing dog, 12 lead hall crescent
Black and white border collie called jumble went missing from garden last night in leadhall lane area has been spotted in near hookst one woods and by the Kestrel much loved family dog .very gentle please look out for him
Contact Mia Murphy on 07910431021 Contact by email
2nd Nov 2016, Missing Dog, 25 Silverfields Road, Harrogate
Black and white collie/terrier cross named Lenny missing from Carlton Miniott, Thirsk on 2 November. he is a rescue dog from Miss Mollies in Harrogate and is not familiar with the area. He has no collar but is microchipped.Sightings in Holme on Swale over Bonfire week-end but nothing since. Desperate for any information about him.
Contact Jeanne Thompson on 01423 887821 Contact by email
28th Jul 2016, Missing black cat from Knaresborough caravan site, 21 Hulton avenue
Missing black female cat just over 2 years old
Contact Richard meadows on 07975794730 Contact by email
11th Jul 2016, KNARESBOROUGH FLOWER CLUB, 6 Hillside, Follifoot, Harrogate, HG3 1EF
Knaresborough Flower Club are having an open meeting on Wednesday 27 July 2016 7pm for 7.30pm at Holy Trinity Church Hall (through the arch) Gracious Street Knaresborough. Visitors welcome £5.00.The demonstrator is Judy Watker and the title is "Friends in Nice Places". For further details contact Jan Butler 01423 872354.
Contact Mrs Janette Butler on 01423 872354 Contact by email
9th Jul 2016, Found: Very old tabby and white cat, 9 Knox Way, Harrogate
An ancient tabby and white cat with a very stiff tail with dark rings on it has been in our area of Knox Way, Harrogate, for several weeks. It's quite grubby and walks very stiffly. No idea if it is male or female as it has stiff tail which is always horizontal. We're happy to feed and care for him/her but someone must be missing this cat which is very timid and jumpy. Don't know whether it belongs to someone who has recently moved into area but it is in our garden from 5am to midnight and sleeps in our greenhouse. I have a photo if anyone would like to see it.
Contact Liz on 07590 466629 Contact by email
1st Jul 2016, Lost tortoiseshell cat, Hartwith Close, Harrogate
One-year-old Lola went missing on Friday 1st July. Please check sheds and garages.
Contact Beddie on 07510 379994
30th Jun 2016, Lost Ginger Cat! - Oatlands Area, 24 St Catherine's Road, Harrogate, HG2 8JZ
We have just moved house from Russell Street in the Oatlands area, to St Catherine's Road. Out ginger cat weasley has got out in the process of moving. He's not been outside on his own before, and will be really hungry and scared as we're no longer at our old address.

Anyone around Russell street please check your front and back gardens as he loves to squeeze into tiny spaces.

Please if you see anything call or text the number provided we really want him home safe.
Contact Harriet Taylor on 07464947728
20th Jun 2016, MISSING BLACK AND WHITE CAT, 55 Arthur's Avenue, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG2 0EB
2 year old indoor male black and white Ragdoll Bengal mix cat, missing since 20th June evening. Wearing a blue flea collar. Chipped. Has black over his eyes. Went missing near the Harrogate Grammar school area.
Contact Dhamaya Arthur on 07955 996716 Contact by email
8th Jun 2016, Missing cat, 6 park place, Knaresborough, Hg50er
Missing male tabby cat. Large build, castrated. Missing from park place area of Knaresborough. Reward
Contact Stephanie craft on 07447553315 Contact by email
27th May 2016, MIAAING TABBY/TIGER OSCAR- MALE- BLACK COLLAR, 50 Sycammore Drive, Harrogate
STARBECK AREA- Missing from Sycammore Drive.
Oscar- Young Tabby with a short, shiny fur coat, mainly dark in colour but has golden stripes and a golden belly with a white chin.
He has a black collar unfortunately not a name tag but is micro chipped, he is very approachable and friendly unless feels scared/ threatened.
Please can people check garages and sheds/out-houses he may be trapped!!!
Oscar has been missing since Friday 27/05/2016 evening He is very friendly cat if anyone sees him please contact me otherwise if you can take him to Vets for Pets in Starbeck or if you can maybe bring him in your home and I will come and collect him that would be really helpful. Micro Chipped and Registered at Vets for Pets in Star beck.
Thank you everyone and information would be appreciated if anyone finds him there will be a REWARD!!
Contact Hayley on 07714616369 Contact by email
6th May 2016, Missing Female Cat Millie, 16 Wayside Walk, Harrogate, HG2 8NN
Millie is a 14 year old tortoiseshell cat with a white bib and paws. She was last seen Friday 6th May from the Wayside Walk area of Harrogate Please can you check your sheds and garages in case she is trapped.
Any information please contact Alison 07725613842 or Richard 07732778870 Thank you
Contact Alison Marchant on 07725613842 Contact by email
30th Mar 2016, Sydney - All black female cat -Missing, Westcliffe Terrace, Harrogate
Sydney - All black female neutered cat missing since 28/03/16 early evening. Microchipped and timmid
Contact Anne Nicholson/ Ali Farr on 07772683580 07432597635 Contact by email
25th Feb 2016, Missing Cat, 12 Hawes Road, Harrogate
6 month old black and white cat from Hawes Road. Please check garages and sheds - anywhere she may be trapped. Micro chipped.
Contact Anne Dunn on 07929 046854 Contact by email
11th Feb 2016, Lost mostly black male cat 1 year old, 69 wetherby road, Harrogate
Please could you let me know if you find a mostly black male cat around the football club area of wetherby road. He is much loved and lost. He does not have a collar on. I would hugely appreciate it if you could let me know if you find him. His name is Bolt. Thank you
Contact Angela Simpson on 07909928876 Contact by email
11th Feb 2016, Missing Black Cat Male 1 year old, 69 Wetherby Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire
If you have seen my black cat most likley Wetherby road near Woodlands school/football club or St Nicholas Road, please could you contact me. He is much loved. Small reward. Thank you so much
Contact Angela Simpson on 07909928876 Contact by email
2nd Feb 2016, Lost Ginger and white cat, 17 Knox Avenue, Harrogate
Lost 10 month old cat around Knox Avenue. Timid but adventurous. Chester. Usually comes back everyday but not seen since 2 Feb. Please check sheds etc.Reward £100 if returned safe.
Contact Debra Hardcastle on 07732703842 Contact by email
24th Jan 2016, LOST TABBY GIRL, VERY AFRAID PLEASE HELP, 44 butler road
Hasn't returned since last night, 2nd time let out the house, please check you're gardens! she is friendly but easily frightened please approach gently
Contact chris on 01423709627 Contact by email
3rd Dec 2015, lost grey tabby 8 months old, 31 north lodge avenue
lost male grey tabby
very friendly...greatly missed
new park area
please help....
Contact karen on 07957984593 Contact by email
10th Nov 2015, Missing dog, 6 back high street, Pateley bridge, Harrogate
Missing dog, Rory. A chocolate cocker spaniel with white bib and golden streak on head and ears. 2 years old. Very friendly. Went missing 4.30pm 10 Nov from old church Lane pateley bridge. Any information or sightings greatly appreciated as he's very much missed by family and other dog
Contact Helen lunt on 07624482154
23rd Oct 2015, Missing cat, X
Much loved tabby/tortoise female cat missing from burton Leonard since 23rd October. No collar and losing a little fur due to overgroming. Has been micro chipped However has been chipped 3 times due to failing to pick up when scanned.
Contact Amanda on 07734051268 Contact by email
13th Sep 2015, Missing Cat, flat 1, 11 spring mount, Hg1 2hx
Midge, a tabby and white cat has gone missing from hg1 2hx. She has been gone 3 days and does not normally go out for more than an hour at a time. She is microchipped.
Contact abigail fountain on 07512353401
18th Aug 2015, Missing cat, jennyfields
Tilly has been found so no need to post previous message. Thank you
Contact Caroline Lewis-Jones on 07947549439
17th Aug 2015, Missing cat, Winksley/Grantley area, Jennyfields
Please help us find Tilly. Cream with dark tips to ears/nose,ginger stripes to forehead, blue eyes. RSPCA collar and tag/magnet. Chipped. Please call 07947549439 or email.
Contact Caroline Lewis-Jones on 07947549439 Contact by email
2nd Aug 2015, Missing Cat, 22 Rydal Road, Harrogate
My Cat maisie was last seen in my home in the early hours of 02/8/15. It is very unlike her to not of come home, she does not tend to wander far from home. She is long haired and has black, white and ginger fur. She may be shy but it a very lovely cat. Any information regarding her would be great as she is very missed.
Contact Tracy Beaumont on 01423883303 Contact by email
23rd Jun 2015, Missing Black Cat in Bilton, 29 Meadow Drive, HG1 3LD
We have lost our small black female cat with a pink collar (with silver studs).
She was last seen on Meadow Drive (Bilton) and we're hoping she hasn't ventured too far. She is a small black female cat who answers to the name of Chuckles, she is 4 years old.
Please let us know if you have seen anything, thank you.
Contact Sarah Lilley on 07814254054 Contact by email
16th Jun 2015, Missing Cat, 43 Rutland Drive, Harrogate, HG1 2NX
Rag doll Cat, White with Seal coloured tail, blue eyes. Missing from 16th June in Duchy area of Harrogate. Not used to being outside for long periods.
Contact Darren Broadbent on 01423 875980 Contact by email
1st Jun 2015, Found cat, 5 cornflower way Harrogate hg32wl
Black female cat found in hg32wl. Young adult with white patch on her chest. Has been wandering around cranesbill close for 2 weeks.
Contact Louise Hodgson on 01423 502254 Contact by email
27th May 2015, missing ginger cat, 21 Norfolk road, Hg2 8da
Hi, we haven't seen our ginger boy "Merlot" since Sunday - we're in the Norfolk Road / Leeds Road area - if anyone has seen anything then please let us know...
Contact Chris Clarke on 07766485814 Contact by email
24th May 2015, Missing Long Haired Grey Male Cat, 32 Mayfield Grove
My young cat Francis (or Frank) has gone missing from the Mayfield Grove area. He has long grey hair and looks just like a Nebelung cat despite being a moggy. He's not microchipped, he was meant to go to the vet this week but we couldn't find him. He's about 6/7 months old and can be timid, it's not like him to wander off so i'm quite concerned. Please contact me if you think you may have seen him. Thanks.
Contact Finn Smith on 01423 561922 Contact by email
14th May 2015, missing cat!!!!, 50 crab lane
My lovely tabby cat has escaped from crab lane bilton area. He has a white chest and paws and white mouth, he answers to the name bruce and is wearing a blue and white collar there is a 15 pound reward for anyone who can find him, please check all your garages/garden for him. He is very deeply missed. x
Contact lindsay suttill on 01423 202755 Contact by email
7th May 2015, Motivational Speaker at Beulah 62, Greystones, Killinghall HG3 7RZ
A Harrogate man who overcame extreme poverty to become a multi-millionaire property tycoon is to hold a series of talks to inspire and motivate others to succeed in the face of adversity.
Kevin Butler, a property developer and professional motivational speaker, has been invited to share his experiences at Beulah62, a local not for profit organisation that seeks to build people's confidence through creative expression.
Kevin has donated his services in support of the Beulah62 project, along with others who are delivering a variety of classes. The talks will cover topics aimed at developing courage, self-belief and success.
The talks begin this Thursday May 7th at 7.30pm at 11 Beulah Street, Harrogate and proceeds will be used to fund the new Open Art Centre for all ages and abilities in the middle of Harrogate plus a mobile outreach service to go into schools, hospitals and other community centres in the region.
To find out more contact Beulah62 admin@beulah62.com or visit Facebook Beulah62/Friends of Beulah62 or www.beulah62.com.
Contact Kevin Butler on 07799692154
28th Apr 2015, Stolen owl, Noah's Ark Exotic Children's Parties, Spa Lane, Starbeck, Harrogate
Liz Kirby, who runs "Noah's Ark Exotic Children's Parties" on Spa Lane in Starbeck, has had her owl stolen from an outbuilding overnight.

If you have any information, please call 07528 162191.
Contact Alex B Cann on 01423 522972 Contact by email
13th Apr 2015, Missing black cat called Owl, 25 St Clements road, Harrogate, HG2 8LU
Our cat Owl has gone missing. She was last seen Monday 13 April on St Clements road. She is a young, engergytic and inquisitive cat. She is black with white socks and a white vest. She is a stocky, little cat. She does not wear a collar but she is micro chipped. Please contact us ASAP if you see her. Thank you
Contact Louise Alp on 07989 684129
19th Mar 2015, Missing Cat, Raikeswood Drive, Skipton
Missing black cat, 5 years old - not wearing collar at the time. House cat but seems to have managed to get out. She is called Guiness and is microchipped.
Extremely friendly, but as she is a house cat, may be very scared at being outside.
Last seen 19/03/2015
Contact Grant on 07947 750652
14th Mar 2015, Lost grey tabby cat, 27 heath grove, Harrogate
Have you seen our lost cat. She is called Milly and is a small grey ish tabby with one white back leg. Missing from heath grove/cold bath road area. Please call if you have seen her
Contact Catherine on 07813262053 Contact by email
10th Mar 2015, Missing dog, 19 mount gardens. Hg2 8bs
Millie is a skinny golden Labrador. She has an orange/red collar on. No tag. Went missing 4pm tues. if you have seen her or have taken her in please plesse get in touch. 3year old boy wants his doggie back. We are desperate for her to be home
Contact Rachel on 07903603376
4th Feb 2015, Found black/white cat, Hookstone Chase, HG2 7HH
Black and white cat, very friendly, down my driveway, looks well fed and in good health, no collar, if you think it is yours please call me on 07977 712685
Contact Graham on 07977 712685 Contact by email
4th Jan 2015, Missing Cat, St Catherine's road harrogate
Poppy is a tabby cat who went missing on Sunday please if you live locally check any garages, sheds or outbuildings for her she's never stayed out this long before
Contact Chris Garrigan on 07759149535
4th Jan 2015, Missing Cat, St Catherine's road harrogate
Poppy is a tabby cat who went missing on Sunday please if you live locally check any garages, sheds or outbuildings for her she's never stayed out this long before
Contact Chris Garrigan on 07759149535
26th Dec 2014, Found black cat, Bishop Monkton
We have a very friendly black cat visiting your garden, but he will not return home. He is thin and doesn't look as though he has travelled very far. About a year old, neutered, very affectionate and used to be being inside with other cats and dogs. I think he is lost.
Contact Sara on 07900921323 Contact by email
18th Dec 2014, Jack Russell, 10 Granville Mount, Otley LS21 3DZ
Last seen at Fewston Reservoir, tri-coloured Jack Russell, 4 years old, has collar and chipped. Please contact Tina 07590237189
Contact Tina Minns on 07590 237189 Contact by email
17th Dec 2014, Dog found, 16 devonshire place ,harrogate HG1 4AA
Black & white Jack Russel type found this morning at Killinghall.Red Collar
Contact Brian Cox on 01423 507089 Contact by email
4th Dec 2014, Missing Siberian Husky, 6 west view road, Burley-in-Wharfedale
I am writing this on behalf of Andrew Smith who's Siberian Husky has been missing from Scholemoor Cemetary (BD7) since dec 4th. MURPHY is very distinctive in his markings ( all white with a couple of pale brown patches)He is microcipped and neutered. Please....if you are offered a dog who fits this description or know of anyone who has just acquired one then please contact Andy on 07759851895. Please also look on the Get Murphy Home page on facebook for pictures and more info.
Contact julie mcdonnell on 07871548200 Contact by email
16th Nov 2014, Missing Dog - Husky/Akita cross, Scotton
Female Husky/Akita dog cross last seen in Scotton. Cream coloured all over, with a curled up tail and goes by the name 'Scully'. Has missed two lots of medication. Very worried owner in her 80s.
Contact Sheena on 07917798855
7th Nov 2014, Missing Dog, Sheffield
Please keep an eye out for Missing Dog Shadow from Sheffield. Shadow, a Crossbreed Husky, could be any where now. He is microchipped.
Contact Wendy on 07717 433733
28th Oct 2014, Cat- FOUND, 1a belmontview, calcutt, knaresborough
For the past few weeks a young male tabby/stripey cat with a white chest has been hanging around. Hes very vocal, friendly, in good condition and desperate to get in the house, which my cat isnt to happy about!! Anybody know of a cat mising with this description?
Contact Natalie on 07508823896
1st Oct 2014, Missing cat, 22 Hillbank Grove, Harrogate, HG1 4EA
Small female black and white cat named Susie. Her sister is missing her!
Contact Ann Cobb on 07818457005 Contact by email
10th Sep 2014, Missing Jack Russells, Follifoot
2 Jack Russells were taken from kennels in Follifoot. One is Black and tan, 5 months old. Other is tan and white, 2 years old. Police have been informed but owners are worried.
Contact Mr K Mormer on 01423 872735
9th Sep 2014, Found Cat, Boroughbridge
Black cat coming to our house last few days. Possibly a 'rex' variety.
Contact Lorraine on 07713034917
1st Sep 2014, Pet Rabbit Found, 12b High Street, Starbeck, BSB workwear. ( Close to Blooms Florists.), 01423 888266/ 077680 98684
Smallish Pet Rabbit found on Avenue Rd in Starbeck on monday, fluffy type coat,upright ears, chinchilla ? ,light brownish sandy colour with white feet, clearly local....answers to the name of Roger !!
Contact Peter Rathbone on 07768098684 Contact by email
16th Jun 2014, Missing dog, 32 providence terrace, Harrogate, Hg1 5ex
Black and white female jack Russell lost from south stainley
Contact Zara hawksworth on 07814457221 Contact by email
1st Jan 2014, Lost cat, 72, Newby crescent
A lady called Sophie has posted leaflets around Jennyfields, she has put the telephone number on the leaflets but it is 1 digit short. I saw a black cat today(sun) looked quite thin at the corner of Borage Rd and Jennyfields drive. It had a reddish tint to it.
Contact Alison Chalmers on 07864842808 Contact by email

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Friends Reuniting

27th Mar 2012, Funds, 86 the Avenue, Starbeck, Harrogate, HG1 4QF
Donations requested
Contact Rod Fox on 01423 547464 Contact by email

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Free To A Good Home

There are no Free To A Good Home items currently available to show.

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Items Wanted

25th Nov 2011, Jumble sale items wanted, Clotherholme Road, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 2DA
Clova House Care Home in Ripon is holding a Jumble Sale on Saturday 10th December, and really want YOUR jumble items! This is the perfect chance to have a pre-Xmas clearout...if you have items to donate, contact David Barrington on (01765) 603678.
Contact Alex B Cann on 01423 522972

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Charity/Organisation Pleas

Contact GAVIN SMITH on +441132683845 Contact by email
2nd Mar 2017, Walk around Coastine of Enlglans & Wales for Charity, 20 Beech Spinney, Wetherby, Ls22 7XP
On 26 March I set out from Nerwick upon Tweed to walk around the coastline of England and Wales, some 3,200 miles. I will be acclaimed by my 5 year old Golden Retriever Aslan and am raising funds for two charities - Saint Michaels Hospice and The Fire Fighters Charity. Domations can be made through Just Giving looking for Peter Jones and Aslan.

Thank you for your support of these charities

Contact Peter Jones on 07464951488 Contact by email
12th Nov 2016, Jumble Sale, 62 Pannal Ash Drive
Jumble Sale Rossett Acre Primary School, Pannal Ash Road, Saturday 12th November 10-12. 50p entry
Contact Lesley Stott on 01423 546892 Contact by email
18th Mar 2016, CHARITY FASHION SHOW, 15 Moorland Close, Embsay, BD23 6SG
Ladies and Childrenswear FASHION SHOW at K.R.U.F.C., BD20 6DT Tickets on door £5 children free
Fun night come and join Soroptimist International of Keighley
Contact Jean Gee on 07836 603 454 Contact by email
1st Feb 2016, Speaker Phil North Talk on William Merritt CentreLeeds, Community House , 46-50 East Parade Harrogate HG1 5RR
Yorkshire Spinners is a local support group for people with balance disorders and Tinnitus problems. We meet 3rd Thursday monthly
Carers Welcome.

Phil North is an Occupational Therapist and will be talking about his work at William Merritt Centre Leeds.
Come along and find out about how he can help you with a seating assessment after a fall/choosing equipment needed in the home. Helping you or a relation with their driving after an illness.
For more information or to book a space give Lianne Taylor a ring on 07895771125 or email liannetaylor89@yahoo.com
Contact Lianne Taylor on 07895771125 Contact by email
28th Jan 2016, Free Breakthrough Results Workshop, 2 Albert Terrace
Free Breakthrough Results Workshop on Saturday, February 6th 10:00 - 12:00 PM at The Academy. RSVP on Eventbrite to reserve your seat! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/breakthrough-results-workshop-get-inspired-stay-inspired-tickets-20847209565
Contact Whitney Vauvelle on 07860922600 Contact by email
21st Nov 2015, Last Charity Soul Cancer Fund Raising Event, Rock View, Rock Hill, Glass Houghton
The years fund raising by Charity Soul volunteers,for Prostate cancer research comes to a great finale at Headingley Carnegie Stadium, Leeds on 21st November. The event supported by Leeds Rhino Foundation trust; will feature a live soul music act and Northern Soul, Motown, R 'n B Mod 60's and modern soul, held in four rooms,
A bus leaving from Harrogate plus ticket cost £20:00 for more details contact Nigel on:
Contact David Johnson on 07487589178 Contact by email
30th Oct 2015, FASHION SHOW FUNDRAISER FOR LOCAL MS BRANCH, 15 Moorland Close, Embsay
Please support over 20 children who will model Friday, 30th October 2015 at Keighley Rugby Club, Utley, BD20 6DT. 7 pm
Raffle prizes from local retailers - Ladies, childrenswear and accessories available on the night at reasonable prices. Fundraising for local people who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis. Please support
Contact Jean Gee on 07539527051 Contact by email
23rd Sep 2015, Skipton Choral Society seeks new members!, 11 Gainsborough Court, Skipton, BD23 1QG
Skipton Choral Society has appointed its new professional Musical Director, Toby Wardman. Toby, who lives in Skipton, has conducted choirs and singing workshops across the north of England for the last 15 years. One of his groups was in the final of a national choral festival. A graduate of York University, Toby is also a reputed composer and arranger.
After a successful two-year association with a local orchestra, Skipton Choral Society has now become an independent organisation and is based in the redeveloped Skipton Town Hall. It aims to build a reputation for excellence in music making in the region and develop fruitful partnerships with local musicians, schools and performance venues. It currently has over 55 singers, most of who have sung in choirs for many years. Experienced piano accompanist Jerry Davies has also been appointed.
The choir’s first concert, entitled ‘In the Midst of Life’, will feature John Rutter’s popular ‘Requiem’ alongside a collection of shorter works on the theme of life and death. The concert will be at Christ Church, Skipton, at 7:30pm on Sunday 22 November.
Toby Wardman says: “I am very excited about this new role. The choir demonstrates professionalism and commitment and I’m looking forward to helping it reach new heights, bringing many beautiful works to audiences in our region.”
Choir chairman Sarah Davidson says: “We have a new conductor, a fresh organisational structure plus a strong link with our Town Hall. We aim to become one of the top choirs in the region.”
Skipton Choral Society welcomes new singers of all voices. For details on how to join, contact Tom Knapp Membership secretary, tknapp47@gmail.com Tel: 01756 791378.
For more information, see our website www.skiptonchoral.com
Contact Sally Goodman on 07769 117691 Contact by email
15th Jul 2015, Knaresborough Defibrillator Appeal, 24 Aspin Park Road, Knaresborlugh HG5 8HF
I am raising funds to pay for a public access defibrillator for Knaresborough by holding two Pilates classes and donating the proceeds to the Appeal. The details are :
Try the Pilates exercise method in a relaxed and fun session at Gracious Street Methodist church in the Dales room
Friday 31st of July
6.15 or 7.30 pm
cost £10 donation to the Knaresborough Restart Yorkshire Public Access Defibrillator Appeal
All abilities welcome no previous experience needed
To reserve your place contact:
Ian Sinclair OCR. REPs (Pilates)
Specialist Exercise Instructor Level 4
Professional member of Backcare

Tel. 01423 867647 & 07977 190268

Thank you
Contact ian Sinclair on 07977190268
9th Jul 2015, (Friends of SCAD) Volunteers desperately required, SKIPTON & CRAVEN ACTION FOR DISABILITY (SCAD), 46 - 48 NEWMARKET STREET, SKIPTON, NORTH YORKSHIRE, BD23 2JB
Skipton & Craven Action for Disability (SCAD) provide for the welfare of people with disabilities living in and around Craven, North Yorkshire. It operates wheelchair accessible minibuses providing a dial-a-ride service for people to go to essential services such as doctors appointments, hospital appointments, dentists etc. The charity operates 4 charity shops all located in Yorkshire and are desperately short of volunteers to run these outlets. Income received from the sale of donated goods through its shops helps the charity to run the essential transport operation.
Contact ROY G ALDREAD on 01756 701005 Contact by email
9th Apr 2015, Tockwith Bowls Club, 57 Marston Road, Tockwith, YO267PR
We are having a come and try day on Sunday 3rd May starting at 2pm.and then each Tuesday evening in May at 6-30pm all are welcome no age limits we have bowls for adults and children available.all we ask is to come with flat soled shoes. If you need more information Phone Ray Clark on 01423 358939 Thank you very much for helping us
Contact Raymond Clark on 01423358939 Contact by email
23rd Mar 2015, Charity Concert, Killinghall CE Primary School
We are holding a charity concert on 23rd March at The Royal Hall Harrogate. 200 children singing and dancing. All profits to Martin House Hospice and Just 'B' Bereavement Supprt.
Contact Sarah Bassitt on 01423 596307
21st Feb 2015, fundraiser, 194, Queens Rd, Keighley
Charity fundraiser on behalf of Keighley charities gala. featuring classic rock n roll from The Elderberries. Swingtime favourites from Kitty LaMare, and supports acts Emzy, Andrew Steele, and Amy Helena. Tickets £5 from the website, £6 on the door
Contact Andrew Jackson on 07876573364 Contact by email
23rd Dec 2014, Support Animals in Harrogate Area, PO Box 608, Harrogate, HG1 9EY
RSPCA Harrogate and District is a separate charity from the RSPCA known to many through the TV programmes. As such we are responsible for rehoming animals rescued by the RSPCA Inspectors. We urgently need funds to maintain our high volumes of rehomed animals, and to expand the range of services to our community. Please support us by making donations direct to our address above.
Contact Colin Andrews on 07817344139 Contact by email
20th Sep 2014, Starbeck Ladies Swimming Club, 11 Oakbank, Harrogate, HG1 2JT
We are a ladies only swimming club who meet at Starbeck Pool every Tuesday evening between 8-9pm.
We are looking for new members to join our friendly club. We also hold a number a social events throughout the year, including a Christmas meal.
We welcome non-swimmers to the club.
There is a subscription to pay twice a year which works out a just £2.30 per week.
Swimming is a great form of exercise, so come on give us a go!
For more information about our club please call Janet Elliott (Chairperson) on 01423 881184 or Rachel Green (Secretary) on 01423 548137
Contact Rachel Green on 07864587465 Contact by email
29th Jun 2014, Ladies Pamper Day, Cracoe village hall, Cracoe North Yorkshire, BD23 6LQ.
ladies pamper Day,
Enjoy Pimms and Canapes tickets £5.
Fashion show throughout the afternoon by Ladylike Fashion. Come along and enjoy some retail therapy while getting pampered with mini beauty treatments with lots more Great things for you Ladies to enjoy.The event is raising money for 2 Great Charities Yorkshire Air Ambulance and The Haven Breast Cancer! xx So please come along and have fun and support these two Charities
Contact Amanda newton on 01756730603 Contact by email
11th Apr 2014, Harrogate fitness group embarks on charity challenge for Diabetes UK, York Place Mews, Harrogate, HG1 1HL
A group of fitness enthusiasts who train in Harrogate will be joining forces and taking part in a grueling series of endurance events to raise funds for Diabetes UK.

The intrepid team of 16 men and women all regularly train with personal trainer and fitness coach, Richard Blackburn, who runs 360 Total Fitness in Harrogate. Richard’s father, Jack, had Type 2 diabetes and as a result he is keen to raise awareness about the condition.

The gutsy team plans to take part in a total of seven challenge events, kicking off with the 10 mile Yorkshire Warrior obstacle run this weekend (12 April 2014) and ending with the Zombie Survival Run in Skipton in October.

Spanning a wide range of ages and fitness levels, one of the toughest events the team will attempt is the Caledonian Challenge, a 54 mile hike in the Scottish Highlands which must be completed within 24 hours.
Contact Samantha Jane on 07983599711
11th Apr 2014, AN EVENING OF MEDIUMSHIP WITH INTERNATIONAL MEDIUM “Psychic Stevie”., 11 Ashdale Court, Harlow Manor Park, Harrogate, North Yorkshire. HG2 0QJ
When: Friday 9th May 2014.
Time: 7.30pm – 10.00pm.
Where: Manhattan club, Beech Avenue, Harrogate, HG2 8DY.
Cost: £15.00 PER TICKET.
To find out more, or to book a ticket contact:
Keith .J. Thompson – 07887 692 530 / Rosie Codling – 01937 573632.
Or go to www.psychicstevie.com
Contact Keith Thompson on 07887692530 Contact by email
23rd Jan 2014, Trek Nepal, 46 long meadows, burley-in-wharfedale, ilkley, West Yorkshire, ls29 7ry
On the 24th April I will be trekking Nepal with my friend dani dale to raise money and awareness for the Yorkshire cancer centre. This is the fundraising arm of st james hospital in leeds. I am 34 and have stage Iv breast cancer, it has spread to my bones which means it is in curable. I have decided to take part in the challenge of a lifetime and raise vital funds for research and treatments to help save more lives of people diagnosed with cancer. I have already reached over my target but would love to raise more money for this great cause
Contact Grace Bellerby on 07403 533395 Contact by email
26th Jul 2013, Urgent message!, West Yorkshire Animals in Need, Wharfedale
A Wharfedale charity is facing closure after a national online donation website was suspended.

CharityGiving.co.uk, which is run by The Dove Trust, is under investigation by the Charity Commission after it failed to supply accounts since 2009.

It was also found to have insufficient funds from public donations to pay out to the charities that rely on the portal for much-needed money.

As a result, West Yorkshire Animals in Need, based in Wharfedale, has lost nearly £2,000 in donations needed to pay outstanding vet bills and running costs.

The charity rescues animals and offers advice and education on animal welfare throughout West and North Yorkshire - including Harrogate and Craven.

Michelle Russell, Head of Investigations and Enforcement at the Charity Commission, said: "We have taken this action because of serious concerns about the trustees' management of the fundraising portal and the charity’s financial situation.

"We recognise this will cause concern among the donors and fundraisers who have collected money for the charity through the site and for the charities who are expecting to receive those funds.

"However it is now clear that the financial situation of the charity means there was no option but to suspend the online portal. We know that the public will be concerned to ensure that donations made reach the charities for whom they were intended, and the interim manager will now undertake an urgent, detailed review of the charity's finances to establish the extent of the shortfall and which charities and donors are affected.

"Our concerns are limited to The Dove Trust and the CharityGiving portal and this should not undermine public confidence in online giving."
Contact Alex B Cann on 01423 522972

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Lost & Found Property

9th Apr 2014, Key Ring with 4 keys, 14 Hurstleigh Terrace, HG1 4TF
Distinctive key ring with photograph of dog's head. Found on "Hospital" Stray, near Empress Roundabout 9/04/14 at 0645.
Contact Brian on 07716388842
5th Dec 2011, Missing pushchair, Strutt & Parker LLP, 13 Princes Square, Harrogate, HG1 1LW
We have a pushchair which was left outside our offices on Princes Square, 05 December.
Contact Samantha Laycock on 01423 561274

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