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Do You Take Hearing For Granted?

How often do you think about your hearing? And do you actually know how sound works? Sound proofing company from Wetherby, Ikoustic, gives us a lesson in sound which is more incredible than you might think!


How Is Your Posture Affecting You?

Meet Graham Whitehead, a personal trainer from Harrogate, who explains why posture is one of the first things that need to be looked at when designing a personalised fitness plan.


How Is The Care Industry Changing?

What challenges does it face and how is an aging population and Brexit going to affect it? Newtons Solicitors discuss.


Mystery Food With Mysterious Health Benefits

This one spice has been around for thousands of years, but the health advantages that come along with it, could be even more powerful that the flavour qualities.


Alzheimer's Society launches dementia advice service in Skipton

The charity will provide sessions twice a month at Dyneley House Surgery.


Saved From Blindness

It's about so much more than just glasses and contact lenses, John has an incredible story.


How Can Being Hypnotised Help You Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy may sound like something from a magic show to you, but it can actually be incredibly helpful for a lot of things.


Treating Dementia with a Tamborine

Discover how the power of music helps in the treatment of Dementia


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