Get paid £20 to eat cake with Stray FM

Ever feel like nobody listens to you? Well, we want to – and we’ll pay you twenty pounds cash to do it.

It’s in exchange for hearing your opinions on Stray FM – what you like, what you love and what you think we could do better. I guess you could call this a ‘focus group’ - only we want you to be part of it.

That's why you'll get paid in cash on the night and we’ll lay on a buffet for you.

You’ve been specially selected as someone who’s helped Stray FM with your views in the past and now we’d like a chance to chat to you about them properly. No pressure, nothing difficult. Just a chance to hear from you. We’ve picked an evening to get a small group of women together for an hour or so in Harrogate town centre - somewhere easy to find with parking right outside.

We’re going to use what you tell us to make Stray FM even better - and we promise to keep it all confidential afterwards.

How about it? Complete the form below...

We've got limited places at our "Focus Group" so please complete this form and if you're one of the lucky ones we'll inform you of the location, time and other finer details closer to the time.


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Unfortunately we've closed the registration for this "Focus Group".

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