Shadows and Reflections of Europe

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Saturday 3rd February, 2018 to Thursday 15th March, 2018,
, 10:00am to 3:00pm

This exhibition is based primarily on the artist's travels around Italy and France and takes as its starting point the steep and narrow streets of Positano on the Amalfi coast. Drawn as ever to compositions featuring light, the paintings capture the effervescence of this scenic town in her own unique style.

Her first exhibition at the Carrousel de Louvre in October enabled a visitor to Paris. Morning strolls along the Seine to the famous Art house allowed a chance to capture some autumnal Paris scenes from sketches and photographs. Hilary says " I have visited Paris before but this time I found it breath-taking. The weather was beautiful and the autumn sun cast longer shadows, something I love to paint. The atmosphere and light was enchanting and every viewpoint was an artistic dream".

As ever, there are a couple of pieces of Venice, one of the artist's accepted themes, having featured heavily in past exhibitions. Again the light plays a significant role in the composition of the paintings.

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