Dr Gillian Walters on The Pilgrimage of Grace. at Markenfield Hall

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Markenfield Hall, Ripon HG4 3AD

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Friday 19th July, 2019

On 11 October 1536 a group of men gathered in Ripon marketplace, determined to restore the dissolved abbeys of Jervaulx and Coverham. Calling themselves 'pilgrims' in defiance of Henry VIII's religious changes, and flying the banner of the five wounds of Christ, these rebels coerced their local lords to lead them. Thomas Markenfield of Markenfield Hall and his brother-in-law Richard Norton of Norton Conyers led thousands of rebels to besiege Skipton Castle and then south to Doncaster. This ‘Pilgrimage of Grace’ was one of the largest rebellions of the Tudor period, with between 20-40,000 gentry and yeomen mustering against the crown. Discover how and why these armies were raised, why the rebellion failed to achieve its aims, and the dire consequences of rebellion against the early Tudor state.

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