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We need you to nominate 'Local Heroes' from the Stray FM area

Stray FM thrives on supporting our local community and we're proud to be at the very heart of it with our very own Local Hero Awards. We need you to nominate local people who deserve to be recognised. Every year, we receive hundreds of nominations for all of the awards.

Have a look at the categories below and then fill in the simple form to tell us why you think the person you're nominating deserves to win. Then, once the nominations are closed, finalists will be informed, and a big awards ceremony will take place at the beautiful Rudding Park on 3 May 2017.

Local Hero Winner 2016

Local Hero Winner 2016

We're very proud to have CNG and Lights4Fun sponsoring the event this year. CNG is the UK's leading independent supplier of natural gas for business. Based in Harrogate, the company is passionate about the local community and a keen supporter of charitable initiatives.  Lights4fun are committed to sourcing quality products and delivering exceptional customer service as they work toward their goal of becoming the largest decorative and festive lights retalier in Europe and are a huge supporter of local causes.

The Local Hero Awards recognise the people or groups who have done something extraordinary. CNG and Lights4fun are looking forward to recognising all those putting so much back into their community.

How do I nominate?

Scroll down and have a read through the categories, then go to the form at the bottom of the page to nominate. The closing date is Sunday 26th March 2017.

Local Heroes - Nominate Now

Local Heroes


Child of Courage Award
This applies to children under the age of 16 who have faced up to something with courage. This could be a family situation, ill health, an achievement in school or any challenge bravely overcome in the face of adversity. Courage can be defined in so many ways and all entries are welcome.


Employer of the Year Award
Which business or employer deserves recognition? Have they helped you out personally? Have they helped your family? Do they go above and beyond? Nominate them now.

Kettlewell Fuels

Bravery Award
In times of adversity, people do the most amazing things. 
This could be a person who has shown outstanding bravery, whether it be for others in times of need or for themselves through illness.


Teacher of the Year Award
This award is for all types of teacher, such as school, college/university, sports teacher/coach, music or dance. They're someone who has taught you well and inspired you to do better.

Local Heroes 2016


Parent or Guardian Award
Parenting is a rewarding but tough job. Being a good one is even tougher! This award is for any mum, dad, guardian or parent figure. Someone special in your life who you would like to show your appreciation for when words are simply not enough.

Roberts Harry

Sporting Achievement Award
This could be an individual person or a sporting team who have achieved something in relation to any type of sport. This can also include coaches and managers, as well as the players themselves, and is applicable at every level from children to adults and sports clubs to schools.


Volunteer of the Year Award
This could be an individual person or a team of people, a charity itself or a workplace which has selflessly volunteered to help a person or people, whether it be for charity or just to help those less fortunate and in need.


Bettys Good Egg Award
This award is designed to celebrate an all-round Good Egg: an individual who goes to eggstraordinary lengths to help and support their community, charity or colleagues without looking for recognition. It could be your neighbour, workmate, best friend or boss who’s helped you or others over the past 12 months. 


Charity Fundraiser of the Year Award
This could be an individual person or a team of people, a charity itself or a workplace which has raised money for any charity. It doesn't matter how much has been raised or how it has been made, we want to hear about it, so nominate now.

Local Heroes 2016

Harrogate Neighbours

Best Charitable Company Award
This award is for the company which has done the most to help one or more charities. It doesn't matter whether it was a single event or sustained effort. If you and your colleagues have made a big difference to other people's lives through innovative fundraising, a great team effort and raising lots of money, we would like to hear from you.


Emergency Services Award
The emergency services do an exceptional job and this award is to recognise a person, people or team in the emergency services who go above and beyond the call of duty. They can be from the fire service, police, ambulance service or cave/mountain rescue teams.


Community Local Hero Award
This award is for someone who strives to make their community a better place, by putting everyone before themselves. A true shining beacon in the area.

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The nominations are now closed


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