Stray FM and Engage Mutual Assurance are searching for people who have made a difference. We would like you to nominate someone who deserves special recognition for something they have achieved or has helped to make a difference to others. Take a look through the categories below and see if you know someone that derserves a nomination.

(Nominations are now closed)

Child of Courage Award
G Craggs

This applies to children under the age of 16 who have faced up to something with courage. This could be a family situation, ill health, an achievement in school or any challenge bravely overcome in the face of adversity. Courage can be defined in so many ways, all entries welcome.

Sporting Achievement

This could be an individual sports person/achievement or indeed a team who have achieved something in relation to any type of sport. This includes coaches, managers as well as the players themselves and is applicable at every level from children to adults, sports clubs to schools.

Charity Fundraiser of the Year

This could be an individual person or a team of people, a charity itself or a workplace who has raised money for any charity. It doesn't matter how much has been raised or how it has been made, we want to hear about it, nominate now.

Bravery Award

In times of adversity people do the most amazing things. This could be a person who has shown outstanding bravery whether it be for others in times of need or for themselves through illness.

Green School Award

We know that our future generations are being taught at school to consider the environment, but which school is doing the most to encourage us to work towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Nominate your school and fly the flag for all the hard work you are doing.

Armed Forces Award

This could be an individual person or a team of people who have gone above and beyond their role in the Armed Forces be it on land, sea or air.

Teacher of the Year

This award can be won by any type of teacher (at a school, college or university, a teacher of sports, music, dance, other). It is just for someone who has taught you and inspired you to do better in whatever capacity.

Emergency Services Award

This could be someone working within the emergency services that may have achieved something beyond the call of duty. It could also be an individual who doesn't work for the emergency services but has found themselves involved in an emergency situation where they have had to deal with it.

Best Charitable Company Award

Stray FM has been awarded The Sunday Times Number 1 Best Company to work for 2011, and we're looking for a company who really does do more than its fair share for the community/employees/each other. Anyone from the owner to the work experience person can nominate.

Parent/Guardian of the Year

Parenting is a tough job and being a good one, even tougher! This award is for any Mum, Dad, guardian or parent figure, someone special in your life who you would like to show your appreciation for when words are simply not enough.


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*Stray Fm is part of the UKRD Group, awarded Number 1 Best Company to work for in the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies 2011
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