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This is your opportunity to win your very own nest and installation, worth £300.  To enter, simply answer the question correctly, and fill in the form below!

Working as a thermostat and programmer in one, the nest saves energy while keeping your family, and your pipes, safe in extreme weather.  Connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi to control the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Heat Plan has been developed by MJ Ryder Ltd to take the stress and worry out of keeping your boiler and heating system in good, safe working order, keeping you and your family warm. We are a long-established local company offering expert advice and support for domestic central heating systems. Call today on 01423 540021 for more information.

For your chance to win answer this question...

How much does the MJ RYDER heat plan start from?

A) £50 per month

B) £6.75 per month

C) £25 per month

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Check out the new cool Nest learning thermostats with control from your phone or tablet too.

Posted by MJ Ryder Limited on Thursday, 12 February 2015

This competition is ruled by the Stray FM competition terms and conditions which can be found here.  Fitting of the thermostat is subject to the heating system being compatible without additional equipment being installed, there is no cash alternative for fitting if the thermostat is not compatible. The thermostat will need to be fitted during our normal working hours (Mon to Fri between 8.00 & 17.00). The thermostat also needs a Wi-Fi connection for it to operate correctly.