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AUDIO: Knaresborough girl battles DiGeorge syndrome

AUDIO: Knaresborough girl battles DiGeorge syndrome

Published at 6:58am 21st August 2015. (Updated at 1:50pm 24th August 2015)

A Knaresborough family are fighting for greater awareness of a serious genetic condition.

4-year-old Leah May Wilkins has DiGeorge syndrome, with multiple problems affecting her heart, bowel and spine.

She has to be tube-fed into her bowel and is waiting for a colostomy bag, as her body has rejected her stomach and bowel.

The condition, which can also lead to learning difficulties, has similarities to Down's syndrome, but it's often harder to diagnose as its effects are all internal.

Leah requires constant care and her family say they have not been able to go on holiday since she was born for fear her condition could worsen at any time.

They are now organising a fundraiser on at Knaresborough Community Centre on Saturday 26 September.

The event will raise money for the Max Appeal and it’s hoped that a cure can one day be found.

Leah’s auntie, Francesca Drake, spoke to Stray FM about the condition and the impact it has had on Leah:

Leah May Wilkins 1