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VIDEO: Charity calls for "urgent" research into causes of heart attacks

VIDEO: Charity calls for "urgent" research into causes of heart attacks

Published at 6:26pm 25th August 2015. (Updated at 6:48pm 25th August 2015)

It's been revealed that heart attacks kill 2,200 people prematurely every year in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Figures have been released by the British Heart Foundation as it launches a new campaign to highlight how heart conditions devastate families on a daily basis.

A heart attack strikes someone every three minutes in the UK, with nearly 188,000 attacks treated in hospitals in 2013/2014.

That figure is up from 175,000 the year before, which the charity says could be due to better diagnosis and recording.

Despite improvements in treatment and diagnosis, around a third of heart attacks are fatal.

Professor Peter Weissberg, Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation, said: "Through medical research, we've made great progress in saving the lives of people suffering from heart attacks. But we mustn't be lulled into thinking we've beaten the disease. Every year, thousands of people are still dying from heart attacks, and coronary heart disease remains the UK's single biggest killer.

"We urgently need to fund more research to find new ways to prevent and treat heart attacks, and ultimately, save more lives. Despite knowing some of the lifestyle and genetic factors that increase the risk of heart attack, we still have no way to stop the furring of the arteries in coronary heart disease that is responsible for causing so many heart attacks. This is a challenge that only research can provide the answer to."

Kieron Morris, 33, lost both of his parents to sudden heart attacks when he was in his 20s.

Wendy, a part-time nurse, was just 50 years old when she collapsed at work.

Richard, 55, died suddenly at a friend's birthday party.

Kieron said: "Nothing can prepare you for getting a phone call out of the blue and finding out your mum has had a heart attack, or watching your own father keel over in front of you.

"Losing both parents to heart attacks was such a shock. They were both happy, healthy people going about their daily lives - you just don't expect your loved ones to be torn away from you like that.

"Heart disease is so cruel, it takes people without warning. That's why it's so important that we fund research to fight heart disease and prevent others going through the suffering I have been through."

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