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AUDIO: MP says Lizzie Armitstead deserves civic reception

AUDIO: MP says Lizzie Armitstead deserves civic reception

Published at 2:32pm 29th September 2015. (Updated at 3:06pm 30th September 2015)

There are calls for Otley to mark the achievements of the town's newest World Champion, cyclist Lizzie Armitstead.

The former Prince Henry's Grammar School pupil won the gold medal at the Women's Road Race in Richmond, Virginia, and will now wear the iconic world champion's white jersey with rainbow bands for 12 months.

Local MP Greg Mulholland has called for a civic reception to celebrate her victory.

He said: "A huge congratulations to Lizzie on her win at the World Championships.

"She is a fantastic role model, not just to cyclists here in Otley, but all over the world, so it is only right that her home town celebrate her victory with a civic reception.

"People in Otley are enormously proud of her, a local lass who has conquered the world.

"She is an inspiration to people, especially aspiring sportswomen, to follow their dream."

Pictured: Lizzie Armitstead attends a celebration in Leeds after winning a silver medal at London 2012.

John McPherson, who works on PR for the annual Otley Cycle Races, said: "I think we breed them tough in Yorkshire, there are a lot of very good cyclists.

"If you think, four British women have won the World Championships and two of them are from Yorkshire - the great Beryl Burton and now the great Lizzie Armitstead.

"And I'm happy to speak of them in the same breath. I think they're both a class apart.

"The Olympic silver came back with a parade through town, with local cyclists and local families turning out to see her, and they're going to want to see the rainbow jersey, no doubt about that.

"So it's over to the Mayor, and the council in Otley, to come up with something even bigger and better than last time."

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