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Gloria Gaynor: Never Can SAy GoodbyeiTunesAmazon

AUDIO: Stroke survivor's pledge to late father

AUDIO: Stroke survivor's pledge to late father

Published at 7:53am 15th October 2015. (Updated at 12:51pm 22nd October 2015)

A Knaresborough stroke survivor says she is determined to beat the condition, after making the promise to her late father.

Shirley Holden had a stroke just days after her 56th birthday, affecting both her eyesight and the right side of her body.

Six years on, she has had to re-learn to do the things which many people take for granted.

She said: "I still have some way to go before I’m back to my old self - the last piece of the complex jigsaw to recovery is to fully regain the use of my right hand and arm.

"At times I feel frustrated, but I'll never give up on getting better. Having a stroke isn't the end of your life; it's just the beginning of a different one.

"Even now, we're over six months down the road to recovery and I'm still showing signs of improvement. I did promise my dear old Dad that I'd beat it, and I will."

Hear Shirley tell her story:

Shirley is now supporting a new campaign challenging people across Yorkshire to 'Give a Hand' to the Stroke Association.

The charity's fundraising initiative will see people across the UK complete an everyday activity using the hand they wouldn’t normally use, from 26 October to 1 November.

Shirley added: "By getting involved with 'Give a Hand', hopefully many more people will able to help change the world for stroke survivors.

"The vital funds raised for the Stroke Association will support people like me who are on the road to recovery."

Jo Beverley, Regional Fundraiser at the Stroke Association, said: "A stroke strikes in an instant, but its effects can last a lifetime. Three quarters of stroke survivors lose the use of one of their hands.

"Often people affected by stroke have to re-learn to do the things they've always done - using their other hand. The Stroke Association supports people through this rehabilitation.

"We're calling on people to 'Give a Hand' this October and raise funds by completing a task, or several, using their 'other' hand. By taking part and raising funds for the Stroke Association, we can help more people like Shirley to conquer stroke."

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