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VIDEO: Slight change to Sunday parking charge plans

VIDEO: Slight change to Sunday parking charge plans

Published at 8:50am 13th November 2015. (Updated at 7:38pm 16th November 2015)

Controversial plans for Sunday parking charges in Harrogate have been revised slightly.

As part of the proposals, daytime fees would now come into force two hours later on a Sunday, at 10am, and end one hour earlier at 5pm.

North Yorkshire County Council's plans, which still include introducing evening charges, will be presented to the Harrogate area committee on 19 November.

County Councillor Don Mackenzie, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Highways, said: "I would like to emphasise that a decision is yet to be made on these proposals and the Harrogate area committee meeting represents the final stage in the consultation process.

"The proposals, which will go in front of the committee, attempt to balance people's consultation responses with best practice in traffic management.

"We have taken on concerns about Sunday charging and the revised charging period for Sunday now more closely matches Sunday trading hours.

"This means that people will have more time to move their vehicle if they park on-street on Saturday evening."

Under the amended plans, Sunday charges would be the same as the Monday to Saturday daytime tariff. 

A flat rate of £2 would apply during the evening.

Many local businesses have been highly critical of the proposals.

Over 2,000 people have signed a petition calling on North Yorkshire County Council to scrap its plans.


Harrogate Borough Council is also opposed to the charges. 

Councillor Rebecca Burnett, Cabinet Member for Planning and Sustainable Transport, said: "Harrogate Borough Council maintains its objection to the evening charge.

"There have to be traffic management reasons for introducing a parking charge and I am not satisfied at this moment in time that the case has been made by North Yorkshire County Council that there is a traffic management problem.

"North Yorkshire County Council claims that there is a problem with crowded on-street parking and cars circling for free spaces on an evening, but hasn't produced any evidence of this. Without evidence, this is an unnecessary 'solution' to a problem which may not exist.

"This is still just a recommendation and the decision has not yet been made. North Yorkshire County Council needs to consider the high level of objections from residents and businesses which have been raised through consultation and petitions.

"Harrogate Borough Council implores the County Council to see sense, to realise their error and to refuse this unnecessary charge. We will continue to do all we can to prevent this charge from being levied and I will speak at the area committee meeting.

"If the evening charge is brought in, those people seeking free parking will overspill into the residential areas and residents' disc zones which are unprotected after 6pm. By trying to solve a problem, for which no evidence exists, a much more serious problem could be created."