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AUDIO: Harrogate and Ripon families back meningitis petition

AUDIO: Harrogate and Ripon families back meningitis petition

Published at 7:54am 23rd February 2016. (Updated at 11:48am 24th February 2016)

A Harrogate woman, who had three family members affected by meningitis, is backing calls to immunise all children against the B strain of the infection.

Elaine Kitson's son survived meningitis, but it claimed the life of her two-year-old grandson Joseph (pictured with mum Emma).

Her father's brother also died after contracting it.

She's described as "critical" the need to routinely immunise all children against meningitis B and has called for more urgency in testing young people who fall ill.

Elaine has been reliving the heartbreaking story of how Joseph fell ill in 1998.

Doctors in Harrogate had initially thought he was suffering from an ear infection.

But he contracted septicaemia and died just hours after specialists from Leeds were able to see him.

You can hear Elaine's story here:

Meningitis has also had a big impact on Tracy Windle from Ripon.

19 years ago, she lost her eight-year-old son, Lee, who became ill quickly after a normal day at school.

Tracy told her niece, Stray FM's Lisa North, more about what happened:

Over 750,000 people have now signed a nationwide petition calling for all children up to 11 to be vaccinated.

Currently, only newborn babies are routinely immunised.

Support grew after the death of two-year-old Faye Burdett, from Kent, who caught the infection and died on Valentine's Day.