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AUDIO: Harrogate boxer defies injury to become national champion

AUDIO: Harrogate boxer defies injury to become national champion

Published at 6:58am 2nd June 2016. (Updated at 9:15am 2nd June 2016)

Harrogate's newest national champion hasn't ruled out a shot at the Olympics in four years' time.

Boxer Rachael MacKenzie took the British title in Dunfermline at the weekend, despite a calf injury forcing her to effectively contest half the fight on one leg.

She told Stray FM: "In the last 10 seconds of the second round, I thought someone had thrown something at me.

"I got that typical shot in the leg that you hear athletes describe and tore my calf muscle.

"I sat down at the end of the round and said to the the England coach 'I've torn my calf muscle' and she said 'don't worry about that, we're winning!'

"So essentially I boxed for two rounds stood still - stood on one leg.

"It was a challenge, but I knew we were winning and that gold medal was in touching distance, so I wasn't prepared to sit down and give it up."

The former Thai boxer and mum of 7-year-old twins won't be able to compete at Rio this year, as her weight category isn't in the Olympic programme.

Rachael now hopes a change in the rules will see it introduced in time for the Tokyo Games in 2020.

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