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WATCH: Community car park plan to tackle school-run congestion

WATCH: Community car park plan to tackle school-run congestion

Published at 6:51am 4th October 2016. (Updated at 4:40pm 4th October 2016)

Residents in a village near Ripon have set out a plan that they hope will ease the build-up of parked cars outside the school gates.

They're aiming to crowdfund a new community car park in Sharow close to the school and St John's Church to tackle ongoing safety concerns.

The school and church are located on Berrygate Lane, which is a very narrow road and regularly blocked by parked vehicles.

It also serves a bus route, making it dangerous at times for pedestrians.

Mum-of-two Katerina Gilbert told Stray FM it can be difficult, particularly around school pick-up and drop-off times.

She said: "We get a lot of children from Ripon and from other areas, the catchment area is quite wide, so we do get a lot of parents who drive their children to school.

"They park their cars on the pavement and the consequence is that there is no space for parents to walk around, especially if they have buggies or younger children.

"Then it's really difficult to unpark the car, as it is a two-direction lane, and when you get a bus on top of that, it's completely chockablock."

Under the plans, a safer footpath would be created, linking Dishforth Road with Berrygate Lane, so that pedestrians don't have to walk through the parked cars or on the busy lane.

Villagers say a "flexible" car parking scheme will be implemented, aiming to develop a car park which is as discreet and as responsive to its rural village setting as possible.

Katerina and fellow parent Anna Horton explain more about their plans:


Sharow Primary School has approximately 85 pupils and St John's Church receives an estimated 100 visitors per week.

So far, the plans have secured the backing of the Heritage Lottery Fund, alongside borough and parish councils, Sharow Primary School's PTA and local businesses.

But only 65% of the necessary funds have been raised, prompting residents to launch the crowdfunding campaign at Spacehive.

You can find more details about the campaign and how to donate at www.spacehive.com/sharow-community-car-park-on-the-green

To see the plans, click below: