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Paul Young: Wherever I Lay My HatiTunesAmazon

WATCH: Yorkshire Tea just released its own rap video, and it's brilliant

Published at 10:09am 28th October 2016. (Updated at 9:30am 29th October 2016)

The list of successful white rappers may be a fairly short one.

To the likes of Eminem, Vanilla Ice, Plan B and, er...Honey G, we can now add the name Colin, a fictional Head of IT featured in the latest Yorkshire Tea advert.

Drinking from a mug leaving no doubt he's 'Straight outta Plumpton', the video 'Blessed are the Teamakers' shows our hero carrying out his daily office tea round.

Typically, Colin drives his 'low rider trolley', taking 'requests from the floor', before the chorus urges us to put our 'mugs up in the air'.

Colin, a cardigan-wearing 'perfection-pursuer', has to deal with the daily dilemma of making his workmates tea exactly how they like it.

And if anyone was in any doubt about the tea's Harrogate roots, Colin skillfully reminds us, "This cup is Taylor-made like a suit from Savile Row".

We reckon Yorkshire Tea have hit gold with their latest ad, but it also reminded us of some of their previous TV campaigns.

Here are five of the best:

1. "Like tea used to be": The other end of the spectrum, when nostalgia was the name of the game


2. Sheffield musical legend and funnyman John Shuttleworth orders a brew


3. The Tea Song: Yorkshire Tea as the answer to being dumped, serious injury and even zombies!


4. Village cricket pitch: A brass band, a giant floating tea pot and spectators running around dressed as tea bags. You can't say Yorkshire tea doesn't do surreal!


5. Brewtopia: Yorkshire Tea meets the Matrix. No, really.