WATCH: Knaresborough butcher goes traditional for Christmas

WATCH: Knaresborough butcher goes traditional for Christmas

Published at 1:13pm 12th December 2016. (Updated at 4:55pm 12th December 2016)

A butchers' decision to go all traditional in the run-up to Christmas has been getting people talking in Knaresborough.

The picture above shows Huttons, on Castlegate, displaying newly-shot produce for all to see, much like most butchers would have done up until around the 1950s.

Until the end of last week, when warmer temperatures forced them to bring the animals inside, a number of rabbits, pheasants, ducks and and other birds were hung outside the store, with sawdust sprinkled across the pavement.

When Stray FM posted a picture on social media, interest really took off.

Many followers praised the nod to tradition, with some seeing it as a welcome alternative to the pre-packaged, intensively-reared meat sold in supermarkets.

One said it looked like a scene from 'Charles Dickens'.

A minority though were opposed, with one reader criticising the use of dead animals as "decoration".

The image has now been seen by around 70,000 people, with over 1,000 reactions on Facebook and 90 comments. 

We caught up with shop manager Alan Bell.

He said they follow all health and safety guidelines and predicted maybe 98% of the responses they receive from the public are positive.

But he admits there is the odd complaint.

He said: "People have to realise where their food comes from.

"These are as close to a wild free-range bird as you're possibly going to get.

"I'm sorry that some people are offended, but we're not going to stop doing it because, say, 1 person in 1,000 is offended, because some people are always going to be offended."

You can read a selection of people's comments:

Link to the original Facebook post.