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The Yorkshire floods: one year on

The Yorkshire floods: one year on

Published at 6:00am 26th December 2016.

A year on from the Yorkshire floods, we've been catching up with some of the communities affected in the wake of Storm Eva.

Although areas of York and Leeds had the widest disruption, there were many pockets of Harrogate, Craven and Wharfedale caught up in the downpours, described by some as the worst in 50 years.

All this week on-air, we'll be playing out interviews to hear how things have changed in 2016.

We'll ask how things might be different should the same thing happen again.

Mark Keighley

Mark Keighley, farmer, Castley, near Pool-in-Wharfedale

"It's always on the back of your mind that it could happen again, but you just take each day as it comes really.

"We've lived here for 30 odd years now and we know it can happen...

"Obviously we've been covered with insurance and they've payed out alright this time, but our biggest worry now is, where our excess was around £200, they've bumped it up to £5000 which is a fair old hike"


Boxing Day 2015: Manderley Farm, Castley

Nic Shipp

Nic Shipp, Flood Warden and member of the Flood Action Group, Otley 

"We've got a very large group of people who meet together socially from time to time.

"We don't talk about flooding - we talk about anything but - but because we're a group, because we're a community we all feel able to support each other and able to help each other if the same thing happens again."


Boxing Day 2015: Towards Billams Hill, Otley

Mel Metcalfe

Mel Metcalfe, founder of the Otley Flood Response Team (a group of 80-100 volunteers)

"I know a lot of Otley residents have only just got back in...that's how bad it was.

"We've managed to set up a flood response team so that in the event of another flood our volunteers can move furniture and belongings upstairs.

"One thing I did realise, on the day we were helping with the clean-up there was absolutely no way [residents] could get everything up and out on their own.

"If I look around my living room now and I had so many hours to move everything I wouldn't stand a chance."

Otley Floods

Boxing Day 2015: A house in Otley 

Dale Coope, Manager of the Sandylands Sports Centre in Skipton 

"Across the country people woke up to floods and unfortunately we were no different. There was a about a foot, a foot and a half of water throughout the centre. 

"When it first happened, it did cross my mind that this could be really devastating, it could be the end of the line. Luckily people pulled together and that's the beauty of being a community facility, there's a lot of hard work gone in. 

"Now it's about trying to keep it to that level and keep proving sport and recreational facilities for the area."