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LISTEN: Spreading the love in Harrogate

LISTEN: Spreading the love in Harrogate

Published at 6:02am 11th February 2017.

People in Harrogate are being encouraged to show some love and help those who need a life-saving transplant.

In the run-up to Valentine's Day, Oatlands Community Group has produced heart-shaped pin badges to raise money for The Freeman Heart & Lung Foundation.

Organiser Vic Smith-Dunn said: "You could send a heart to anyone, your partner in life, your companion, your child, your friend, someone you secretly like or someone that you feel may be in need of a little love at this time of year.

"Whatever the reason, whatever the age, toddler to adult, everybody likes to feel loved!

"Who doesn't want to receive a heart on Valentine's Day and to know that 100% of that money that you've given isn't going to some massive card corporation, but is going to support somebody who could live in the next street from you."

20-year-old Ellie Holman, from Harrogate, is supporting the fundraising campaign after having a heart transplant in 2016.

Hear Ellie's story:

Oatlands Community Group is asking anyone who wants to buy a pin badge to do so before Monday.

Get yours now at www.oatlandscommunity.co.uk/send-your-heart