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WATCH: Ilkley sporting star's training appeal

WATCH: Ilkley sporting star's training appeal

Published at 12:12pm 14th February 2017. (Updated at 2:08pm 14th February 2017)

An Ilkley sporting star is asking for help from the local community. 

16-year-old Emma Powell, who is an ice climber, was placed in the top 10 of a world championships competition in France over the weekend. 

At the moment, she trains using a wall in her house, but she's outgrown it and needs something bigger.

Emma is now looking for a building in or near Ilkley where she can build a bigger wall and hopes it will have a big impact.

She said: "Other countries have very large structures that they climb on and they generally do better compared to countries that don't. They have experience of how to climb for longer times and different angles. So, hopefully, it's going to help me improve a lot.

"It's not as hard as you think to train for ice climbing in this country! Obviously the ice aspect is hard, but you can use different things. I also do antagonistic work, weights, stretches, things like that." 

Emma appearing on Nick Hancock at Breakfast:

Emma says the venue needs to be big enough to build a wall which is 10 metres x 10 metres and at least three metres high.

If you think you can help Emma, she can be contacted online by searching Emma Powell Climbing on Facebook.