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WATCH: Family of Knaresborough hit-and-run victim make fresh appeal

WATCH: Family of Knaresborough hit-and-run victim make fresh appeal

Published at 6:52am 27th February 2017. (Updated at 2:42pm 27th February 2017)

The family of a pensioner who was killed by a hit-and-run driver in Knaresborough have joined detectives to appeal for fresh information on the 10th anniversary of his death.

75-year-old Bill Hendry was knocked down whilst crossing Stockwell Lane at 9.38am on 26 February 2007.

He had just been to the Post Office with his dog, Abby.

After running him over, the driver fled the scene and Mr Hendry died in hospital later that day.

10 years after it happened, Mr Hendry's family visited the scene at 9.38am to lay flowers by the roadside.

In a statement, they said: "Bill was a fit and healthy man who was robbed of his life. We've also been robbed of a kind and caring father and grandfather.

"As a family, we feel that Bill was tragically killed by a driver who behaved in a cruel and callous manner.

"They left the scene without facing up to the responsibility of their actions. 10 years on, they have still not had the courage to come forward.

"We feel that someone does know who was responsible for Bill's death. Today we urge them to come forward to help the police, and help us finally have some closure as a family."

Bill Hendry and dog Abby

Bill Hendry with his dog, Abby

Police have always believed that the driver, who was travelling at speed, knew they had hit Mr Hendry.

Despite an extensive investigation at the time and subsequent case reviews, nobody has been brought to justice for his death.

Detective Chief Inspector David Ellis, who visited the scene with Mr Hendry's relatives, said: "A decade on, this remains a very, very raw and distressing case for Mr Hendry's family.

"Whoever was driving that car knew full well that he or she had hit Mr Hendry. But instead of helping him, they left him lying in the middle of the street.

"It's often said that time is a healer, but Mr Hendry's family have had to spend the last 10 years knowing that the person who left him to die has never been brought to account for their actions.

"I'm standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them today, on the spot where he was killed a decade ago, because the passage of time can turn up fresh information.

"People's lives change. Someone may feel like they couldn't share vital information with us at the time, but may want to do the right thing and come forward now.

"If that person is you, I'd urge you to get in touch with us for the sake of Mr Hendry's family."

Bill Hendry's family laying flowers at the scene:


Stockwell Lane is a busy residential route used by commuters and police believe that the driver probably lived or worked in the area at the time.

The vehicle which hit Mr Hendry would have been damaged and someone who was close to the driver may have had suspicions at the time, but decided not to act on them.

People nearby told police that they heard the collision, but no-one saw the vehicle involved.

Detectives believe that it was a small car or van, and it drove off towards Boroughbride Road.

Mr Hendry was wearing a green Barbour jacket, glasses and a cloth cap.

He had just untied his dog, Abby, who was waiting outside the Post Office, and was crossing Stockwell Lane near the junction of Chain Lane when he was hit.

Abby survived after the collision.

Bill Hendry appeal poster

North Yorkshire Police has set up a dedicated phone line for the appeal.

Anyone with information relating to the incident, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is asked to call 01904 618681.

Crimestoppers can also be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.