WATCH: Rugby fans' 'Yorkshire Haka' goes viral

WATCH: Rugby fans' 'Yorkshire Haka' goes viral

Published at 6:57am 24th July 2017. (Updated at 11:25am 24th July 2017)

Yorkshire rugby fans have been recorded performing a unique rendition of one of sport's most famous battle cries.

The 'Yorkshire Haka' includes reference to important questions such as "...'ow much?" and "where's me whippet?"

Supporters following the Lions down in New Zealand were filmed outside a bar.

Peter Drinnan from Wetherby was part of the performance:

"Somebody came up with the idea that we'd do our own Haka and so we added our own words to it and rehearsed it the night before.

"We're laughing at ourselves really, you know with the 'where's me whippet' - a lot of lions fans went over there and had such a great time.

"We're attention seekers us Yorkshire people, we like to have a bit of fun, a bit of a laugh and draw attention to ourselves in a quirky way."

At time of writing, the performance has been viewed nearly 2 million times across the internet. 

You can see it for yourself: