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WATCH: Harrogate drummer feeling "really good" as record attempt continues

WATCH: Harrogate drummer feeling "really good" as record attempt continues

Published at 7:43am 6th October 2017.

A Harrogate drummer says he's feeling "really good" as he continues his marathon world record attempt.

Stray FM caught up with Matt Pargeter at the Victoria Shopping Centre on Thursday where he's attempting to play non-stop for 170 hours.

"I got the first sleep in this morning, so I'm feeling much better for that now."

Nearly two days into the challenge and Matt had just had his first sleep when we met him. 

Under the rules, he's allowed to bank 5 minutes for every hour played and had just enjoyed a two hours and 45 minute nap.

"I've got a 18 month old daughter who thinks that sleep is for the weak so it's been good conditioning."

WATCH: Matt in action, with Stray FM's Will Smith and Christopher Dean

The world record attempt is also raising money for three local charities that have helped Matt in the past, including's Mind's the Acorn Centre, the Harrrogate Homeless Project and Saint Michael's Hospice.

He's already put in month's of training: "I've done multiple 12 and 14 hour shifts, just practicing drumming, getting my technique down, getting the kit set-up.

"[I've done] a couple of 18 hour shifts as well just to get things like diet and hydration and fluid intake down and make sure I'm getting enough to perform, but not so much that i'm running to the bathroom every four hours!"

You can visit Matt's fundraising page here: