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Harrogate Town footballers checked for underlying heart conditions

Harrogate Town footballers checked for underlying heart conditions

Published at 9:03am 13th July 2018.

Harrogate Town is making sure none of its players have an underlying heart condition by giving each one an ECG. 

Thanks to a partnership with BMI The Duchy Hospital, each first team player has had the check-up. 

Heart conditions can go unnoticed and are one of the major causes of cardiac arrests.  

Rachel Davis, the first team physiotherapist said:

"It's a really, really good opportunity for us. It's a great selling point for the club and it's good for us to know as the medical department that there isn't anything underlying going on with the players. 

"We're seeing more and more footballers and rugby players who're having cardiac arrests on the pitch. Obviously it is something we never, ever want to happen at Harrogate Town."

"It puts everyone's mind at rest."

Half of the players were given the ECG's on Tuesday, with the remaining members of the squad being given the tests today. 

Central Midfielder Jack Emmett has first hand experience of how important the check-up can be.

He told Stray FM: 

"One of my friends from Uni who I played football with there, who was on the same course, he had an underlying heart condition and he never knew about it. 

"He was one of the fittest guys I knew, he ate well, he was very healthy. A couple of months after he graduated he had a heart attack on the pitch. There was no warning signs, no nothing so it is something that's in the back of your mind when something like that has happened so close to home."


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Jack Emmett, Bill Howlett from BMI The Duchy Hospital and physio Rachel Davis 


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