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George Benson: Give Me the NightiTunesAmazon

Nick Hancock's Breakfast Show Was LIVE in Ilkley

Nick Hancock's Breakfast Show Was LIVE in Ilkley

Published at 12:52pm 16th July 2018. (Updated at 12:55pm 16th July 2018)

The 2018 End of Term Tour with Specsavers kicked off in JURASSIC style at Sacred Heart School in Ilkley.

Every morning this week Nick Hancock is taking his breakfast show on tour around Harrogate, Craven & Wharfedale to celebrate the final week of the school year.

Each day we'll be broadcasting LIVE from a primary school, and for Day 1 we kicked off with Sacred Heart School in Ilkley


Things began, as they always should, with a chat to the Headteacher, Alixena Lubomski. Have a watch of this video to see how well behaved the children were, and yes, we are just talking about Nick and Will!

And,  behaviour only went down hill from there (not the kids, they were great!)

School News (and weather!)

Throughout the morning we had visits from pupils at Sacred Heart School and the young people of Ilkley certainly showed that they are the future. Have a listen to their debuts:


The £1000 Minute

No edition of Nick Hancock at Breakfast on Stray FM could be complete without a round of the One Thousand Pound Minute with Yorkshire Loft Ladders

Mrs Eccles put in a tremendous round, but could she win that grand? Have a watch of this to find out:


The teachers at Sacred Heart had to be involved too. After a long year, what were they most looking forward to about the Summer Holidays?

The Big Race - Stockeld Park Summer Adventure Tickets

As Specsavers are celebrating the launch of Jurassic World themed kids' frames, we created a very special game for one of the teachers at Sacred Heart School.

Mr Snelson donned a fetching dinosaur costume and went up against our very own T-Rex, Beth Parsons.

Could he win all of his Year 4 class a pair of tickets to the Stockeld Park Summer Adventure? Check out the hilarious "roarsome" footage here:

Next Stop - Ripon

Tomorrow Nick and the team will be live from Moorside Infant and Junior Schools in Ripon. Find out more about Nick Hancock's End of Term Tour with Specsavers here.