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WATCH: Videos aim to reduce number of young people reported missing

WATCH: Videos aim to reduce number of young people reported missing

Published at 1:14pm 10th December 2018.

Two videos highlighting the impact of staying out late without telling family members have been distributed to young people across West Yorkshire in a bid to reduce incidents of young people being reported missing. 

  • The videos have been produced by West Yorkshire Police and Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership and feature case studies based on real-life missing person cases
  • It's to highlight the level of concern young people can cause if they don't tell their parents where they are 
  • The campaign has reached over 16,000 young people so far 

The videos feature the point of view of the young people and their parents who call the police:

The first "Running Away" film


The second "Running Away" film 


Detective Superintendent Jon Morgan said:

“As a police force we deal with thousands of reports of missing children each year. While some might have made the conscious decision to ‘run away’, in a lot of cases, the young person involved has every intention of returning home in due course and will not have realised the impact of their actions.

“Our officers see first-hand the devastating effect that a child going missing can have on their parents or guardians. They will often be imagining the worst case scenarios and fearing that their child has come to harm.

“We also see the other side of the story though. Our officers see the surprise, embarrassment and distress experienced by young people when they realise that their parents have reported them as a missing person and the police have been looking for them.

“By publishing these videos and circulating them on social media, we hope to make young people consider the impact of their actions and ultimately ensure that they let people know where they are going and get support if they are wanting to run away from their problems.”