AUDIO: Businesses criticise plans to ban Ilkley street 'clutter'

AUDIO: Businesses criticise plans to ban Ilkley street 'clutter'

Published at 6:33am 7th October 2015. (Updated at 6:25pm 7th October 2015)

A complete ban on advertising 'A' boards and shop pavement displays could be introduced in Ilkley for a 12-month trial period.

Concerns have been raised about them blocking the pavement, particularly for disabled people and those with pushchairs and children.

Bradford Council's Executive will decide whether to impose the policy which would start in January 2016.

The trial has been suggested as a solution to the problems caused by illegal obstructions on pavements which are part the public highway, but the ban won't apply where shops own their frontage.

If the scheme is successful, the ban would be extended to other areas of the Bradford District.

Councillors are also being asked to legally class highway clothing banks as a nuisance under the Highways Act, allowing them to be banned.

Before the 'A' board ban is implemented, businesses in Ilkley will be contacted and council wardens will be given training on the new policy.

However, some small businesses have warned that it could threaten their future.

Helen Rhodes and Victoria Newhouse, who both run shops on South Hawksworth Street, have been speaking to Stray FM:

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and organisations representing local disabled people are supporting the proposals.

Councillor Val Slater, Deputy Leader of Bradford Council, said: "The Council is trying to strike a balance between creating a safe environment for people with limited vision or mobility, and businesses wanting to advertise their services.

"Pavement obstructions add to the existing clutter of the modern street scene and cause unnecessary problems for people who can't avoid them.

"We don't want to cause problems for businesses, but we can't let the situation stay as it is, and any form of licensing arrangement would be extremely complicated in terms of enforcement and likely to upset both businesses and disabled people."

The Executive will decide whether to follow the recommendations of a report into illegal pavement obstructions at its meeting on Tuesday 13 October.