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VIDEO: Financial relief for flood victims

VIDEO: Financial relief for flood victims

Published at 7:01am 2nd January 2016.

People affected by flooding across North and West Yorkshire are being offered funding to help them get back on their feet.

Authorities including Harrogate Borough Council are discussing with the Government the setting up of a response fund to support businesses.

Leeds City Council has already announced that affected households will receive up to £500 to help with recovery costs.

They will also receive council tax relief for a minimum of three months or whilst anyone is out of their home for longer.

A rate relief scheme for flood-hit businesses will be for a minimum of three months.

Elsewhere, farmers will be given access to the Government's Farming Recovery Fund.

It was set up before Christmas in response to flooding in Cumbria, Lancashire and Northumberland caused by Storm Desmond.

The NFU said that it would be a "huge relief" to the local farming community who would otherwise face major uninsured losses.

The Government and other authorities are also being urged to review how flooding situations are managed.

Dorothy Fairburn, North Regional Director of the Country Land and Business Association, said: "We've been pressing for the funding to be extended to Yorkshire so that hard-hit farmers get the same treatment as Cumbria, Lancashire and Northumberland.

"It's a really difficult time for everybody across the whole of the North of England. Almost everyone has been affected by the flooding in some way.

"I'm pleased to hear that farmers and landowners in Yorkshire will now be getting financial help to restore their valuable agricultural land."

Although the funding will not cover the cost of replanting lost crops, it will help with the cost of restoring land to the condition it was in before being flooded.

The minimum grant available is £500 and the maximum is £20,000.

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